I beam with pride at being called a nerd. I am unapologetic about my love for Anime, Video Games, and my passion for drawing. I’ve spent plenty on Copic Markers and my bookshelf is lined with manga and “How to Draw Manga” books. I LOVE anime conventions, being from the west coast Anime Expo has been a yearly thing for me. My anime viewing may have been stopped in the last few years and I rarely pick up a manga, but each year I go to AX because it is super fun and it has become a yearly tradition. This was and is my childhood and I will forever cherish it.

But there is something that I regret to admit but I was among those who would write fan fictions and make Anime Music Videos, I look back at those and I just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. The fan fiction is poorly written and make no sense and the AMV is all over the place hot mess. Did I enjoy doing it?  Hell yes, but my skills were poor and ideas so lame and cringe-worthy.

So after the jump I will shamefully displace my nerdy creations for all to ridicule and mock me! I will only post my AMV because I don’t want to be laughed off the internet for my Kingdom Heart Fan-Fictions!

Axel’s Immortal – My Immortal

I was a huge AxelxRoxas shipper in the day and always found there “friendship” bittersweet and I liked emo stuff at that time so behold this horribly tribute to these star crossed “friends”.

Bitter Sweet Love – Bittersweet Symphony

I had always been a KairixSora shipper also, and when KH2 came rolling around my KxS loving heart had found great ridicle on the inst SoraxRiku lovefest. Like seriously Sora you cry like a little bitch when you see Riku after all this time and go “Sup” to Kairi who is suppose to be the love of your like… ok boo, ok.

Kairi’s Sora’s Trouble- You know I’m no Good

But being so young and dumb, I went from loving Kairi and Sora to making an AMV where she is two timing Sora with Namine. What was in my head at that time I will never know.


So good reader, please enjoy my shameful nerdy creations and let us know what you used to do that you look back on in utter shame. Could it be Teen Titan fan-fictions *cough* youknowwhoyouare *cough* or are you one of those people with the anime body pillows?Unleash your guilty pleasures and free your soul from the darkest nerdy recesses of your mind!

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