Kotaku reports that the next assassin is to be found in Ancient Egypt, amongst the intrigue of the pyramids. Unlike predecessors, this Assassin’s Creed, title, code-named “Empire”, will not drop a year after the previous game. Instead of the expected 2016 release date, players will have to hold off until 2017 to experience the next chapter.

Thank goodness.

Many fans share that sense of relief. Assassin’s Creed has set a trend of releasing a new game every year, and the inevitable pressure that puts on developers has been starting to show. Gamers would launch AC to massive bugs, ruinous glitches, and a substandard quality of animation. The attention to detail had slipped, and while imaginably it’d be ideal to have the next game in a franchise just as you begin to exhaust the previous one, the quality cut you have to take just isn’t worth it anymore. Even dedicated fans–myself included–have started to grow weary and less accepting of the unpolished features the games have become known for. If the rumors are true, the slowdown from every year to every two years might be just what the franchise needs to brush up and regain the charm that drew us to the series in the first place.

Don’t expect the Assassins and Templars to quietly watch 2016 pass by, however. Two chronicles are set to launch in the first two months of the year, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia. Ubisoft released a gameplay/background trailer for the India chapter, which you can watch below.


The feature film starring Michael Fassbender as a new addition to the Assassin line is also scheduled for release in December.

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