When the crypt doors creek and the tombstones quake…you pull out your wallet and phone to sign up for the Ghost Post!
Disney and the Ghost Relations Department invite you to go on a journey via your mailbox. According to the newly announced service,  you can “receive three monthly shipments direct from the Haunted Mansion. Your ‘scare’ packages will be filled with unique – possibly haunted – artifacts, each one a key to unlocking secret and special powers. And each box unfolds a chapter in a new Haunted Mansion adventure.”


Just when you thought it was impossible to get into the hallowed halls of San Diego Comic-Con, now everyone will have the chance to see what goes on during San Diego Comic-Con Programming and more with Comic-Con HQ! Continue

As the new season of Game of Thrones looms ever closer, fans are starting to see more and more teases from what’s to come. While book fans have a few speculative threads left to grasp (and we’re grasping all of them in our desperate little hands), we’re pretty much now all on the same page. Whether you’re a book fan, a show fan, or both, it’s likely you’ve stored up a plethora of theories and spent all year crafting your reasoning for them.

And then the release of a full trailer sent those carefully settled theories a-whir again, and now that we’ve all watched it a couple dozen times, we’re ready to discuss.

Because we all saw it: there were a few things in the trailer that incited a round of enthused flailing followed by wild speculation.

For a refresher:

Now join me as I break down some of the especially flail-worthy moments and what that could mean for the events of the season! Show and book spoilers abound beyond the jump, so tread carefully.


There are many ways to watch a movie. You can see the film in theaters, trek your way to find a drive-in (or one of the inflatable drive-ins nowadays,) watch from the comfort of your home, or go and do something a bit more fun.


WonderCon announced yesterday that the already popular Exhibit Hall was going to be bigger than ever before, boasting over 800 total exhibitors, which includes Artists’ Alley and the Small Press Area. We think their list of tips of navigating this popular space were top notch, which means you should know about them too! We’re also giving our own insight with each tip, as common attendees of conventions. Here are some tips to help you navigate this gigantic space.


Marvel’s limited Star Wars series kicks off yet again with a new title character: Han Solo! Due to launch in June, this new series will follow Han Solo on a battle against his biggest enemy: selfishness. Our scrappy hero finds himself tangled in a race he’s always dreamt of taking part in, acting as part of a secret mission for the Rebellion. Readers will get to follow his journey as his reluctance to fill the role of hero battles against his own pride (since winning that race would be pretty stellar).

Take a look at the cover, designed by artist Lee Bermejo, and hit the Read More for a full rundown of the talent involved as well as a sneak peek into the comic’s pages.



Panels are an integral part of many pop culture conventions these days, and the convention goers scour the schedules once released to see what, who, when, and where they will be dedicating the fantastic fandom-loving selves to during convention hours.

In the past year, both WonderCon & San Diego Comic-Con added “Fan Culture” programming tracks to their schedules, and they are back again this year, proving that with fandom comes huge hits! WonderCon will be offering a special track dealing with all things fan, from fashion to cosplay, from Star Wars psychiatry to science, from sidekicks to comic book courtroom drama…and that’s just the first day!

The panels, will run all weekend long in Room 502, located on Level Two of the LA Convention Center, with exact times posted next week when the official 2016 Program Schedule debuts. Let’s check out a few of them!


It wouldn’t be a convention without something that the attendees will clamor over and want to get their hands on the moment they see it. Yes, we’re talking about those exciting convention exclusives!


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