The exclusives that line the exhibition floor of San Diego Comic-Con are one of the big draws to the collectors who come in droves each year. One such booth that always brings in tons of people and the line capped almost immediately is the Funko booth. If you can make your way to the booth, located against the wall of Hall G, booth #5341, and make your way into the line before it is capped, the collectible goodies will be yours for the taking. We’ve highlighted a few of the stand out exclusives this year after the jump!


Eager to put the traumatic lines of the past few years behind them, Anime Expo looks like they’re making good on the promise to keep fans from waiting long hours simply to obtain the badge that grants access to one of the foremost and largest Anime celebrations in the world.

ax lineA snapshot via Twitter just before 6 o’clock on Day 0, prime time for attendees to be queuing up for their passes, showed a wide open space with many available volunteers.

Many users are reporting being able to walk in and get their pass within seconds, with the furthest (right after lines opened) clocking in at around an hour. It’s definitely going well so far.

There’s already so much to be excited for during this year’s Anime Expo, and it looks like short lines for badge pick-up is another plus to look forward to!

With one less line, you’re still sure to expect wait times when getting into panels, especially the spotlight and heavily anticipated ones, so don’t let your guard down simply because AX pre-registration is a finely oiled machine this year.

Day 1 is nearly upon us, and with it, more badge pick up and the grand opening of the main event. Are you ready to join the crowd eagerly standing in the convention center’s foyer waiting for that big, exciting exhibit hall to open? We sure are.

In  the meantime, check out some of our tips for enjoying your Anime Expo to the fullest or peruse the official schedule to make sure you’re completely prepared. Or, maybe you’re more like us and have a date with CrunchyRoll until it’s time to roll off the couch and crawl into the day’s cosplay–this is convention season, where sleep is for the weak. Or so I tell myself to justify the cosplay prep and TV binging all-nighters.

Whether or not you choose a full night’s rest before the con, it’s bound to be a good time. What are you most looking forward to? What’s on your must-see list? Leave a message in the comments or tweet us so we can all share in the excitement together!

As the San Diego Comic-Con programming schedule wrapped up its announcements, the focus shifted towards another aspect of the con that has become a fan favorite: Nerd HQ. Nerd HQ, put on by the Nerd Machine and Zachary Levi, is a place that convention goers and non-convention goers can hang out, check out the latest in new technology, and even get to sit in on some amazing, up close and personal panels. These panels bring the biggest names right in front of your face, and all without the crazy hassle of waiting in line at the convention center (though you do have the mad dash to get tickets to deal with). The panels were announced last evening, and we have all the information you need to know after the jump!


San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us, and with it more events, panels, and exhibits than we can possibly hope to keep up with. With the annual schedule release frenzy dying down, Con-goers are starting to settle into the panicked calm before the storm–plotting out where they need to be and when. The opportunities to see or even meet your favorite celebs are endless. But when you’re preparing for the star-studded adventure that is Comic Con, remember that this event is for you, too. It’s for coming together with the people who share your passions, stay up until the wee hours marathoning that TV show, and go back and forth on Twitter or your blog discussing theory.

The Game of Bloggers Meetup is the perfect place to finally meet, face to face, some of the folks behind the articles, videos, and fandom. Hosted by Tony Kim (a.k.a. the magnificent Crazy4ComicCon), Game of Bloggers presents a unique and exciting way to meet some of your favorite bloggers and forge new and beautiful alliances. Content creators and fans alike can spend the night before the Con reveling in one another’s company and sharing in the excited buzz that only a colossal con like SDCC can inspire.

“Game of Bloggers will be the perfect time to coordinate coverage or partner up with fellow content creators. This will be a FANtastic way to kick off your week and guaranteed to be more fun than a Red Wedding!”

game of bloggers



You feel that good bit of sore? You know the kind from walking the exhibit hall, sitting in panel rooms, or sleeping out on the sidewalk? Well, Sunday wraps up the epic event that is San Diego Comic Con. Here’s our highlights of the final day of 2015.


Did you find the droids you were looking for? How about survived the undead and the Winter that is to come? Good! Because Saturday at San Diego Comic Con is ready for you!


Welcome back! You’ve looked over the prime selections of Thursday’s San Diego Comic Con programming schedule and are back for more! Friday’s programming schedule packs an even bigger punch and just goes to show how massive a show this really is. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Let’s dive right in and get to what we think are some stand-out panels for Friday, July 10th!


I beam with pride at being called a nerd. I am unapologetic about my love for Anime, Video Games, and my passion for drawing. I’ve spent plenty on Copic Markers and my bookshelf is lined with manga and “How to Draw Manga” books. I LOVE anime conventions, being from the west coast Anime Expo has been a yearly thing for me. My anime viewing may have been stopped in the last few years and I rarely pick up a manga, but each year I go to AX because it is super fun and it has become a yearly tradition. This was and is my childhood and I will forever cherish it.

But there is something that I regret to admit but I was among those who would write fan fictions and make Anime Music Videos, I look back at those and I just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. The fan fiction is poorly written and make no sense and the AMV is all over the place hot mess. Did I enjoy doing it?  Hell yes, but my skills were poor and ideas so lame and cringe-worthy.

So after the jump I will shamefully displace my nerdy creations for all to ridicule and mock me! I will only post my AMV because I don’t want to be laughed off the internet for my Kingdom Heart Fan-Fictions!


With the programming for this year’s San Diego Comic Con being released daily for the next few days, we figured it would be best to spotlight some of the panels happening each day that caught our eye. We found ourselves curious about panels in both the larger and smaller rooms, of all topics known to grace the halls of San Diego Comic Con. Here are our some of our favorites for Thursday, July 9th!


“Hello Friend.”

No, this is not your 80’s song or some childhood toy. This is deeper than that. This is computers, technology, and people who are much, much smarter than you. USA Network’s Mr. Robot hit television screens everywhere last night, following being released on Youtube for people to watch ahead of time. I watched the first episode and I am hooked already. It’s like they have hacked into my brain and wired me to enjoy it. But that’s not all true. Hit the jump for more!


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