Earlier today, TVLine broke the news that the hit NBC show Hannibal would be ending its run with the completion of the 3rd season (airing now through August). Dramatic dips in viewership and ratings have left the show open to such a possibility. Many people were shocked at this cancellation, especially regulars of social media outlets like Twitter and Tumblr, where Fannibals are very vocal, active members.

Needless to say, the news didn’t break quietly.

Bryan Fuller, the writer behind the show, has been leading a twitter charge, praising the dedication and tenacity of Fannibals and encouraging them to come together in support. Hannibal may be on NBC’s chop list, but Fuller has made it clear that Fannibals still have many opportunities to rally support and show just how powerful they are. Keep reading as we look at a few ways Hannibal fans can keep supporting their favorite TV show about Cannibalism.


See what we did there? The June 2015 Loot Crate brought more than just excellent “CYBER” themed goodies (No Spoilers here!), but it also brought us another bit of news: Loot Crate and Nerd HQ.



I remember the days from 2000-2002 fondly, tuning into Comedy Central, excited for the cyber sounding voice to count down to battle time. Yes, I’m talking about Battlebots. While the original incarnation ended much too soon, a new incarnation was brought back to life last night on ABC and gosh are we excited for what is to come next. We tuned in to the first episode last night and are eagerly awaiting the next broadcast. The box is locked, the lights are on, it’s robot fighting time!


While the category may be “Small Press”, there’s nothing small about the section itself. SDCC boasts sprawling lines of small presses writers, illustrators, comic creators, artists, and designers (to name a few of the talents represented within this group).

Every year we wander into the labyrinth that is Small Press with very little idea of what we might find within its depths. And every year this is where at least 75% of my money is spent.

While I have no intention of changing how I send most of my money into the hands of these marvelous creators, I would very much like to approach the lanes slightly more prepared. There’s some amazing talent to be found there, but as we prepare excitedly for the adventures we will have at SDCC we forget that they too are back in the real world preparing for a week of talking and selling and greeting and creating fans. Many of them are using the same social media we love to vent our frustrations over lines (sorry, HallHLine), excitement over big brand exclusives, and scream in agony as we attempt to complete overly ambitious cosplay. Thus, I’ve decided to spend time I’d otherwise spend refreshing twitter every .02 seconds looking for news exploring who’s going to be sitting behind those inviting (and slightly overwhelming) small press tables. I’m always eager to become a fan once a table has been stumbled upon on the convention floor, so why not start a little early and try to acquaint myself with this incredible talent beforehand?

These are some of the Small Press attendees I’ve seen floating around on the interwebs, ready to take my money.


1108_Players_and_Pieces_15503You made it back, huzzah! Grab some pizza…or some carrots (gotta get in cosplay shape!) and let’s jump right intothe armor! What we are going to look at this time around is the armor that adorns Jaune Arc on his truly perilous journeys. Because let’s face it, in this world a guy is only as good as his armor! Yes, he may have someone saving his backside a lot…but that’s for another discussion.


In support of Gay Pride month here is a repost of our article on our Top 10 List Of Amazing LGBT Nerd Icons! I Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment on your favorite LGBT Icons you adore!


There is no denying that within the geek culture there is a slew of amazing heroes and heroines. We find these handful of character with such amazing personalities that they quickly become our favorites and we’re rooting for them in all their story lines.  One thing about being a part of an amazing sub culture of nerds and geek is the fact that we are usually the outsiders and we relate to these fictional character because we can identify with them. We have the ability to envision our lives as theirs or be inspired to pursue our dreams and overcome obstacles. Another great thing about our culture is the progressiveness that has been shown, example being the first interracial kiss between Kirk and Uhura on the original Star Trek.

LGBT representation in comics/games/and media has always been there. The problem was that is was never openly stated, it was always hidden and alluded in subtext, but you knew. In this day and age it is great when we can find character that are proudly out in the open and no fucks are given because, dammit, we can be just as bad-ass as Superman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman!


Thursday night around 10pm, AMC Woodland Hills.

Everyone’s abuzz with excitement, because Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3 is about to hit the big screens for the first time. A new installment to wrap the stories of Woody, Buzz, and co. that we’d grown up with. This movie about children’s toys that was now resonating with a whole new audience–the line is already around the side of the building, masses of young adults our age, 20 year olds who had loved Andy’s toys like their own and now felt the pressures of growing up. Pixar masterfully crafted this movie to appeal to both an entirely new generation of children as well as the ones who had grown up a ways since then. We were still Andy. Experiencing college, learning to say goodbye, even packing up our childhood favorites as we realized that we’ve grown out of them.


We can’t even make any excuses–we just want to post pictures of delicious looking brownies.

The world of baking has expanded into a artistic competition of sky-high cakes, delicately frosted cookies, character cupcakes, and all sorts of customized sweet options. Cookies shaped like the Star Trek sigil or Mario gold coins run rampant, and you can find cupcakes decorated to resemble any fandom you can dream up. As far as nerdy brownies go, however, it’s fairly slim pickings. There’s a sweet (and intricate) Rubix Cube constructed from brownie bites, and some cute Domo brownies, but the world of turning the chocolately delight that is brownie into adventurous projects is microscopic. It’s cool, though, brownies don’t really need decorations to up their WOW factor–they’re pretty terrific on their own.

maxresdefault (1)maxresdefault


In lieu of posting the best of the geeky brownie creations I could find, then, I present my list of mouth-watering brownie recipes that will be tossed into a giant bowl for the 1st annual Nerds Doing Stuff Brownie Comic Con Extravaganza (development is still working on a better title, just bear with us). Click on any of the pictures for a link to the recipe and feel free to chime in for your favorites in the comments section–after all, these babies are being baked up and passed out at this year’s SDCC. We promised.


Missed out on the showcases at E3 this year from the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and more? Well, don’t fret! We have them all right here for you!


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