Apparently we’ll never run out of examples of jerks desperate for attention & willing to lie to get it.

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, from longtime Pokemon fans to brand new trainers embarking on their first adventure. Users have banded together to catch them all, flooding parks, campuses, and piers (no seriously, have you seen the Santa Monica Pier?) in hopes of finding the adorable but sometimes elusive creatures. And while some users don’t seem to understand the development process that new apps such as this one must undergo during the first few weeks, complaining and/or rage quitting in spectacularly self-aggrandizing fashions, most users are still happily into the hype.

So how has the quest to catch them all been going? Pretty well, for those who have dedicated their time to Poke-hunting and carefully collecting and cultivating evolutions, eggs, and stats. Some users can boast a wide selection of cute, ferocious Pocket Monsters. But there are still a few that have yet to be seen.

Since the game’s release in July, reports have occasionally surfaced from users claiming to have found and caught one of the Legendary birds: Moltres, Zapdos, or Articuno. The most recent, and most substantial, was posted by an Ohio player who claimed to have received an Articuno as a gift after contacting Niantic’s help department. Screenshots and video, including a video of the Apology Articuno sitting in an Ohio gym, helped to give this claim more backing than any of the previous ones.

Screenshots from incredulous users who spotted the legendary incited a fair share of outrage and confusion across the internet, only further fueled when the user who claims to have acquired the Articuno took to Facebook groups to brag about it.


She was equally quick to defend her authenticity when one user pointed out the rampant misuse PC players could invoke simply by using the code and changing things around to deceive.

articuno covey

The idea that Niantic would simply gift someone a Legendary Bird because they took too long to respond to an inquiry sent users into a rage, heightened by recent update changes (seriously guys, it’s time to get the fuck over Niantic’s removal of the tracker footsteps–it wasn’t even working anyways. Plus, they’ve issued a statement. RELAX.). The righteous fury sent this supposed screenshot into the realm of viral news in no time. And I can’t say I wouldn’t be upset if the news that Apology Articunos were true, had I actually thought this was legit at any point. As much as I’m ready to see the Legendaries, Mewto and Mew included, in the game, that’s not exactly how many of us want to see it done.

But wait. There’s no email. As a matter of fact, the user so adamant on claiming that she’s got a legit Articuno has been staunchly refusing to post a screenshot of the email. She did, however, post the supposed text of the e-mail in one of her earlier posts. It’s an eloquent and very professional message, truly.

“Go Team Mystic,
Rep the squad.

At first she cited a laundry list of excuses as to why she didn’t want to post a pic, but has since stopped replying to any inquires on the group she originally posted in. This alone makes us seriously doubt the truth of the matter.

At least this user was Team Mystic, which could at least provide a slightly more plausible case for having an Articuno, because since her claim, another “Articuno” has popped up at a gym–this time belonging to Team Instinct.

Yeahh. It looks like there’s some hacking afoot. If you’re still doubtful, Reddit user StudMuffin2113 has a pretty thorough breakdown of exactly how people are hacking the game to alter the appearance of their creatures. Basically, hacking and photoshop. With a little skill, it’s really not that difficult.

Let’s use some logic now, guys. Clearly this user was trying to stir up some hype (which, incidentally, was her exact phrasing when trying to explain why Niantic would magically gift her a legendary….hmmmm).

I mean, we’re all talking about it, so clearly it worked.

But honestly. Everybody chill.

Go catch some Rattata and get back to enjoying the game. And if you’re one of the users bitching nonstop about the updates/fixes/changes that make it harder to cheat, I can recommend this little button that says “UNINSTALL”. It’s actually like, way easier than hacking the game, too!



Now there’s a video showing the pokedex, with Articuno registered in it. Does that change anything? Still waiting on the e-mail here.

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