The cool night air settles in over the harbor of San Diego, the sidewalks surrounding the San Diego Convention center teeming with activity as attendees of San Diego Comic Con wander the city, enjoying their time at the nerd haven of the summer.  A familiar tune flits by on the wind and you can’t help but hum along and realize that the sounds of Pokemon are ringing in your ears. So, what in the heck are you hearing? That would be the sounds of Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions!

Enjoy a night at the symphony with Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions, a live orchestral concert showcasing memorable music from throughout the world of Pokémon! The performance features all-new musical arrangements that will entertain not just Pokémon fans but all music lovers. Look forward to a wonderful symphonic experience that covers nearly 20 years of Pokémon entertainment around the world.

SanDiegoSymphonyWhat does this mean for you? It means when tickets go on sale in April, you should definitely get yourself a few before the good ones are all gone, like you would a starter Pokemon in the games! The location is perfect, behind the convention center at the outdoor symphony stage (which you may have seen while waiting in the epic lines for Ballroom 20 or Hall H each year). We plan to be there, and feel like you should too if you’re a fan of Pokemon, fan of music, or just want to experience something at the convention…besides the convention.


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