My relationship with Pokemon started at the tender age of eight… or nine… whatever.. it was the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. I was one of those kids that was totally immersed in the franchise. Everything I had or wanted was related to Pokemon. I was bathing in a tub of Pokemon merchandise as I ate weeks of Burger King just to get those Gold Plated Collectors Cards and toys from the kids meal.

Soo many burgers were eaten to get one of these cards! Sooo… many….

My mother searched high and low for the holographic Charizard card, sadly to no avail.  I saw the movies, multiple times. I had unreasonably hated Digimon while at the same time loving and adoring it all at once. I would get special delivery packages full of Pokemon stuff straight from Japan with toys, candy, and cards not yet released in America, I had it all!

I may of had it all but everyone knew and always got me one particular Pokemon and to this day is still my all time favorite Pokemon, Pikachu. Now as an adult (when did this happen, where was I when this happen, WHY?!?!? ), my love for this yellow mouse Pokemon is still as strong.


Look at that shirt! You know it brings all the boys to the yard.

Now not only does my family know my love affair for Pikachu, but so do my friends. Walk in my room and you’ll spot random Pikachu stuff I’ve acquired from friends and family. You’ll see my pickachu pouch gifted from the owner of this site, Stacey. My Pikachu key chain also a gift from both owners of the site, Stacey and Robby. My newly acquired Pikachu shirt I got for Valentines Day from my Mother, and my favorite Pikachu Plushie and Pikachu Hat I got for myself! I, sadly, am like the creepy trainer in the games dressed up as Pikachu (which I do not do…yet…) but I can’t help it! The best thing though is now I get to share and pass on my love for Pokemon and Pikachu to my niece, giving her a Pikachu hat all her own!

So what does this have to do with my ultimate Pokemon team, not much I just wanted to profess my undying love for Pokemon and Pikachu and obviously my whole team would be Pikachu, but I’m a little more realistic than that so here is my pick of who would make my team. So obviously I am going to pick ones that are my favorite because they look cool and are cute, super logic right there kids!


This is obviously going to be my first choice. He’s cute, yellow, and full of high blast energy ready to kick your ass! Also as stated by Mr. Robby I LOVE the Yellow edition due to the fact that this little cutie would follow you around! Also look at that badass gif, Pikachu gonna fuck you up!


Oshawott is one of my favorite starter water Pokemon after the first two original generations, and I love his final evolution, Samurott. Sure I will always have a soft spot for Squirtle (Squirtle Squad 4lyfe!), and Mudkip is hilariously cute but Oshawott is not only cute but turns into a bad ass in each of his stages.


OK I admit, I have an affinity for cats, I will one day be a crazy cat lady, it’s in the cards. So naturally next to Pikachu, Meowth was my second favorite Pokemon growing up and he is also in my team. He’s great for getting items and money.



As you can tell my favorites are from the original two generation of Pokemon games. I remember playing the first game and the idea of prehistoric Pokemon was so exciting to me, thinking of all the different Pokemons that probably lived in those times and Aerodactyl being all awesome in the sky. Aerodactyl  is not only a powerhouse but is pretty cool and you can use him to fly too!


Out of all the Evee evolution’s Umbreon has been my favorite and always seems to be in my team.





Yeah Mewtwo, I’m the type of person to battle with Legendary Pokemon and a common trend in my line up, he looking pretty awesome.




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