We’re in a world where Virtual Reality and Gaming are becoming one, hand in hand bringing gamers into the next generation of how games unfold before our very eyes. Everyone knows the big name in the market right now, the Oculus Rift, but that does not stop the major gaming companies from jumping on the VR board. That is where Sony’s Project Morpheus comes into action. Bringing the sleek blend of technology and Sony Gaming power, Project Morpheus is a thing of beauty up close.

What is Project Morpheus? Watch the video below to find out!

Needless to say, the Sony’s foray into the VR world caught our eye. We had been able to experience the Oculus Rift last year at San Diego Comic-Con at the Legendary Studios booth, climbing into our own Jaeger from Pacific Rim and living the scene of a pilot. It was amazing and left us wanting to go and do it again.

So when we saw that Project Morpheus was going to be gracing the halls of Nerd HQ this year, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity. Sign ups for the Project Morpheus experience times went extremely quick, but we were able to snag a spot on Thursday of the convention and skip the line of people waiting to get their eyes and hands on a controller.

Just how does Project Morpheus work? It’s all in the headset and with clever use of the Playstation Move controllers (see, we knew there would be a use for those eventually!) With that, the game is in your hands, literally. Here is a video from E3 2015 of the same demo experience that I was able to do at this years Nerd HQ. I am quite sure I looked just as silly.

So what did I think about Project Morpheus and The London Heist Getaway demo? I absolutely loved it. It took me only about 30 seconds to get used to the weight of the headset and the feel of the controllers in my hands, and pretty soon I was looking around and getting the full view of what the experience had to offer. The headset was light for a gadget packed with so much technology, but never did I feel weighed down at any given point. I actually liked the streamlined look and feel of the Morpheus over the square, box-like shape of the Oculus. I have not been lucky enough to play the Rift with a controller, so I cannot comment on that, but I did enjoy the use of the Playstation Move controllers.

I had to keep telling myself to keep looking around, as there was always something going on: the NPC in the car with you telling you what was going on and where to be looking out for, enemies on the sides of the car, even a cup of coffee or soda to place in random locations in the car. Everything could be touched, adjusted. I changed the radio station on the car as we drove. I opened the glove compartment to find even more ammo for the gun I would eventually be handed.

I had to aim, I had reload, I had to duck out of the way of being shot at repeatedly. And I loved every second of it. The experience felt incredibly realistic and never once did I find myself any bit motion sick. I feel like that is due to the 120hz technology Sony has worked into the headset. Couple that with its low latency and the amazing screen on the Project Morpheus headset and you have an experience worth coming back for.


At the moment, the price for the system is not set, so no one really knows the hit that their wallets are going to be taking. If you are ever able to sit yourself down in front of one of these systems before its release, I highly recommend it. That way you can judge for yourself if you want to pick up Project Morpheus upon its release.

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