It’s hard to be fourteen days in 2016 and already have to report the passing away of talent. We were sad when Lemmy from Motörhead passed away, but could not comment because we did not listen to Motörhead all that much. We were shocked when we went to sleep knowing we were now without David Bowie on this Earth, hearing all the stories the next day of the lives he touched and people who were who they are now because of him.

We awoke this morning ready to go about our daily routine without a hitch. We booted up Twitter, scrolling through what we missed of the night. A tweet went by mentioning Alan Rickman and we did not really pay attention. Then another, and another. Reports coming out while we slept from the UK announcing his passing. It was a strange feeling, not of overwhelming sadness or anger, just a sense of loss.

Alan Rickman starred in many roles that spanned the lifetime of pop culture. You knew Rickman from Die Hard where he played Hans Gruber. You knew him in Kevin Smith’s Dogma. He filled the screen as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films, was the plotting Judge Turpin in Sweeney Tood. He was in Galaxy Quest, R0bin Hood: Prince of Theives, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually, and so many more. Even the stages of live theater could not stop him. He was truly someone who was part of the arts and loved what he did.

The film world will be different without him, as it would be for the loss of any major actor. And maybe it’s because we’ve barely begun 2016 and already had so much loss that this one hits a little harder. It’s in these moments that we look back on what we have gained and learned from people like Alan Rickman, and use that to help shape our future.

In closing, take a moment, stop and think, and follow these words:

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