We let you dear nerds know about the Rooftop Film Club back in March when they released their first schedule for the summer, and we hope you bought tickets (a lot of those shows are sold out now!)
Over the weekend, we spent our Saturday night out under the stars of Hollywood, enjoying the experience that is Rooftop Film Club. We did not know what to expect beyond the photos posted on their website and what little research we did. After walking up the stairs on the side of the Montalban Theater, we were transported into a movie lovers dream. Comfortable beach lounge chairs, blankets, individual headphones, drinks, delicious food, and your typical movie fare- popcorn and candy.

You can’t have a good outdoor movie experience without the food. Food at Rooftop Film Club is served fresh by Farmers Belly Cafe, and gosh, was it delicious. We feasted on delicious truffle french fries and absolutely drool-worthy Bacon Cheddar Sliders. I mean, just look at that delicious hunk of meat! The sliders were well worth the money spent (and super affordable too!)

Once loaded up with food, we just had to get drinks. We wanted the whole experience, so we couldn’t not, right? The rooftop bar had a selection of beer, wine, juices, water, and specialty drinks for sale. We sipped on a Moscow Mule and an Orange Crush, which sated our drink needs. The specialty drinks ran $8 each, but the bartender poured ’em strong!

Watching a film outside can pose its problems: the screen is not bright enough, the sound isn’t loud enough, the people around you are idiots. Well, none of these were part of the experience that we had. The screen that the film is projected on is a very clean white wall (which you can see the team painting on their Instagram page) and we never once had an issue with the projection. It was like watching at your local darkened cinema.

But what about sound? Yes, you’re outside, in Hollywood- not the quietest location. No worries, the Rooftop Film Club has you covered. Check out these nifty headphones with snazzy logo! The headphones are fitted with three different channels that the movie can play on, as well as adjustable volume. So if your channel doesn’t work, move to the next one. Want to drown out the inevitable siren going down Vine in Hollywood? Turn up the volume a tad! Though, we admit that having a siren going past a few times during the Mad Max: Fury Road screening was very fitting to the mood. Plus, with headphones, you don’t need to worry about your neighbor talking up a storm! We admit though, the cheering from the crowd at certain times was perfect.

A word to the wise if you are going! Make sure you grab a blanket from the box office when you come in, and still dress a little warm! It is a rooftop on a building, so there is not a lack of wind blowing around. It got a bit chilly!

Overall, the whole night was delightful. The staff on hand made everyone feel welcome, the food and drinks filled everyone’s bellies, and the movie was just what you needed on a Saturday evening. You bet we’ll be back for another screening this summer (we’re looking at you Top Gun!)


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