The exclusives that line the exhibition floor of San Diego Comic-Con are one of the big draws to the collectors who come in droves each year. One such booth that always brings in tons of people and the line capped almost immediately is the Funko booth. If you can make your way to the booth, located against the wall of Hall G, booth #5341, and make your way into the line before it is capped, the collectible goodies will be yours for the taking. We’ve highlighted a few of the stand out exclusives this year after the jump!

The most sought after exclusive, at least in our opinion, would be the Bryan Fuller Pop! Figure.


The Pop! of the fan-favorite man behind Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, and more, hits the booth a run of 144 pieces and will be available
during his signing at the Funko booth on Friday, July 10th at 2 p.m.!
According to the Funko Blog, the line for the Bryan Fuller signing will not begin to form before 1 p.m. and Funko will only sell Bryan Fuller Pop!s during the signing.
The Bryan Fuller Pop! will cost $15 and you will not be able to purchase other Funko items during this time. Good luck to those trying to get their hands on one!
5627_Futurama-_Gold_Bender_low_largeBite our shiny metal money and let us get our hands on this awesome Golden Bender. Just don’t make us give our hands to the Robot Devil. We need those.
We were super excited when the Futurama line of Funko Pop! Figures hit the market this year, and seeing this exclusive just makes our Slurm lovin’ hearts soar! “Wimmy wham wham wozzle!”
5615_UnmaskedBaymax_GLAM_largeWe’ll be more than happy with our care if we can get our hands on this awesome Baymax: Unmasked Pop! Figure. Basically, we need it.

Castiels and Clones and Captains, oh my!

These three figures make us want to throw cash at our laptop screens. We can only imagine what the fervor in person will be for the “French Connection” Castiel, the bloodied Helena, and the awesome unmasked Captain America from Age of Ultron.

5313_Supernatural_French-Mistake_low_large 5637_HelenaPOP_large5730_Avenger-2_Unmasked-Captain-America_hires_large


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