Hold on to your butts! The Hotel Reservations for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con will open on April 5th, 2016, at 9am Pacific time. You can see the list of hotels included in the sale here, but there is some important information that you need to know as well!

Randomized Waiting Room

This is a new feature to the Hotel Reservation process this year. According to CCI, “Approximately 48 hours before the sale opens, an email will be sent to all Comic-Con 2016 badge holders and will include the link to the hotel reservation request form.”

The hotels form will not open until around 9:00 AM PST on April 5. The link will give you access to the waiting room after 6:00 AM on April 5.  The good thing, like the badge purchasing system, is that you can join the waiting room anytime from 6:00 AM until before 9:00 AM on the 5th to take part in the random selection for the forms.

Once the sale begins, those in the waiting room will be selected at random to complete the form. No need to worry about your place in line due to the randomization.

When the hotels go on sale and you are selected, you will need to submit your request via the online form or via phone. Once the maximum number of requests have been received the form will shut down and callers will no longer be able to submit a request. This is where the speed from previous years of submitting needs to come in handy. While the process is randomized, the hotel forms will still be done in order of submission. Know which hotels you want ahead of time and know how quickly you can input them!


  • Users will be granted access to the online form from the waiting room in random order. Requests will then be processed based upon this order.

    • 6 hotel choices are required for each submission.

    • Duplicate submissions will not increase your chances of getting your first choice hotels—and actually may hurt your chances. Only the most recent submission received will be the one processed.

For more in-depth information and some FAQs, head over to the Comic-Con website here and read through all the information. Being well informed always helps with these hotel sales!

See you on April 5th!

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