You’ve survived the infamous waiting room, confirmed your barcode, showed off your fast fingers to reserve a banging hotel room, and you’ve finally sorted your parking situations out. The ever popular San Diego Comic Con draws nearer, and attendees of this year’s colossal nerd fest are growing more and more anxious for updates. Announcements have been slow to appear, but now that most attendees have settled their lodging and travel affairs, they’re ready to start planning their Comic Con experience. Because we all know that securing tickets and rooms and parking spaces are only the start. Cue carefully highlighted schedules, sacrifices of beds and dinnertimes to make it into Hall H, and a strictly plotted plan of attack for the show floor. A Comic Con attendee’s work is never done.

If you’re headed to this huge fest of comics, TV, toys, and nerddom, chances are you’re constantly watching the twitter feeds and e-mail chains for announcements concerning the actual events, guests, panels, and merchandise available at this year’s SDCC.

Earlier today, Hasbro released their current SDCC panel schedule. Fans can be excited to know that Hasbro will be on hand with fan favorites like My Little Pony, Star Wars, Transformers, and Marvel. Take a look at their panel selection, straight off their @HasbroNews twitter, and get ready to start working and reworking those schedules!

hasbro sdcc 2015


We’ll keep you posted as more SDCC news starts flowing! For fast, breaking news, be sure to follow us on Twitter!

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