So you want to cosplay but you have no idea what to do or how to even make a costume. Well, have no fear because I haven’t a clue either but that shouldn’t stop you because it definitely hasn’t stopped me. This mini series of articles will chronicle my process of costume making and all the mistakes and success that goes along with it! Plus I hope it helps out those that want to take that leap into cosplaying but are afraid or hesitant to do it, because god knows I am.

Now one question in every beginning cosplayers mind is what costume to do. Some may have a character in mind while others don’t but in the end whatever you do will end up being a great idea and make a great costume. Usually a beginner will start off with an easy character, maybe Pokemon Trainer or something that you can assemble by buying pieces instead of that daunting task of sewing. For me I decided to do Obeyn Martell.

Yes, that’s right, Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne. It looks relatively simple, but don’t mistake that Robe as easy because there are many details that make it a hefty feat of a project. So first things first is a character profile, finding and placing various poses and angles it guild you for this massive daunting project. Next make a check list of various aspect of your costume here is what I have.

Costume Checklist
Oberyn Martell
Linen Blend Curtain Fabric [Signature Series: SS Linen Amber – $19.99 a yard]
Lining Fabric
Trim Fabric
Robe/Shirt Pattern
Star Embroidery Patch [$2.00 – $3.00 for 1 Patch]
Leather Belt [$25.00 + s/h]
Brown Boots

After I set up my checklist and searched the net to price check, I headed off to Joann’s Fabric which I have come to learn that it is slowly my home away from home, at least during your costume making. So I gathered 3 types of fabric (Main Fabric, Liner, and Trim), robe pattern, and paint marker for details.


Once you have gathered your supplies, find the nearest friend (seriouslysiri) to sew up your costume (or at least borrow their sewing machine!).  What lies next is the fun part, the cutting and constructing, but that’s for another post!

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