Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look out, here comes the… Spider-Gwen?

Okay so the lyrics aren’t the correct ones, but they fit the situation! Fresh off the presses comes the newest addition to the Spider-Man universe (kind of) in the form of Marvel’s Spider-Gwen. Why do I say “kind of” when talking about this addition? Well, to most Gwen Stacy is known as Spider-Woman in the Spider-Verse lore. And Edge of Spider-Verse. And because so many people were caught up in the being, story, and costume that was Gwen Stacy as the famous web-slinger. The book that hit shelves today is being read by hopefully many folks tonight, comic book fans and non-comic fans alike.

So where do fans catch up with Gwen in this book? As someone who was not privy to all the information I just gave you before reading, I came to the conclusion this book picks up right after the death of Parker (gone bad in Gwen’s alt. universe) and which leaves Gwen’s Spider-Woman persona number one on J. Jonah Jameson’s “public menace” list. Boy that guy really doesn’t like anyone whose name begins with “Spider,” does he?

The book does a very good job at introducing both the well-versed reader as well as the first time Spider reader the events that occurred previously. Readers will find out what is happening with Stacy’s family, her acquaintances (The Mary Janes), and feel the overall vibe and attitude that Gwen exudes throughout her experiences, which is something pretty fantastic coming from a comic. Being able to connect with feelings and emotions, able to think “I would totally do that too!” or “What the hell are you doing Gwen??” are just some of the thoughts that came to mind while I was reading.

The pestering Jameson, family issues, and friend drama aside,  there is far more to worry about in Most Wanted?, the arc that this first issue introduces. Just who is there to worry about? This guy.

Spider-Gwen's The Vulture


Seems like a bit much to handle, right? Well, we will have to see because the book only begins to get into the nitty gritty by the ending pages of Issue #1! No spoilers here!

While keeping the tone of the book filled with action, suspense, and the usual dramatic notions a comic book holds, the writing of Jason Latour also holds plenty of comedy. The art and coloring done by Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi make the images pop off the pages and really become something to see and fall in love with as you turn the pages.

I definitely say go out and get your hands on Spider-Gwen #1 today! Support your local Comic Store!

Spider-Gwen is available from Mavel Comics for $3.99 US and is Rated T. 




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One thought on “Spider-Gwen #1 Packs a Bite

  1. This incarnation of Gwen Stacy is clearly a woman after my own heart. Favorite line thus far on her To-Do list: “Get trust, pride, and life back. Eat all the corn dogs.”
    I hope Gwen Stacy gets to eat all the corn dogs. The delicious Disneyland ones, before they started sucking.

    Also omfg Mary Jane’s song being called “Face It, Tiger”. Rush of nostalgia for the days I’d read Spiderman in the paper….MJ was always my favorite.

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