Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo has definitely grown into Los Angeles’ premiere comic and pop culture convention over the past few years. We have watched the convention bloom from the underground floorspace of the Los Angeles Convention Center to taking over the main Exhibition Hall (which holds the titans such as Anime Expo and E3 each year!)

Comikaze has always had its amazing share of special guests that drawn in the most dedicated fan and fly by night nerd alike. In previous years, guests such as Weird Al, Ru Paul, and Gwendoline Christie have graced the convention floor with their energy and love for their fans. This year comes as no surprise that Stan Lee’s Comikaze is pulling out all the stops. Besides your spotlights of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and the man himself, Stan Lee, the guest list continues to grow. As of right now, Stan Lee’s Comikaze has:

Beyond the guests shown gallery above, there are plenty more for fans to sink their teeth into. You were a big fan of Big Trouble in Little China? How about Kung Fu Panda? Maybe even Diablo 3? Then you’ll want to see the one and only James Hong!

You grew up in the 90’s, and we know you’re freaking out about the Adventures of Pete & Pete reunion. But what if you could have that reunion, and all that? No… ALL THAT! Yes, the cast of All That will be in attendance this year. That means: Kel Mitchell, Lisa Foiles, Alisha Reyes, Angelique Bates, Katrina Johnson, and more!

We could go on to list every guest and what corner of popular culture they are from. But the one thing you can bet on is that the special guests will be just as excited to see the fans as the fans are to see them! It’s that special bonding moment, the 30 seconds you get for a photo or autograph, that brings the warm and fuzzy feelings.

Which guest are you interested in seeing? Sound off in the comments!

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