Looks like it’s official. Deadpool has been ruled too raunchy for China. When news that a film cannot be edited to appeal to audiences of all ages without sacrificing relevant plot points surfaces….well. We here at NDS know we’re in for an old fashioned Deadpool-driven good time.

deadpool-movie-poster-20161From the moment of conception, Deadpool has promised to play true to the uncensored sassiness of untamed anti-hero Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool. Known for his methods of extreme violence and filthy potty mouth, Deadpool captured the hearts of many a comic reader.

The 20th Century Fox production of one of Marvel’s more controversial characters has garnered huge anticipation in the states, where we’ve been hoarding chimichangas and waiting impatiently as Deadpool’s hilarious advertising campaign surrounds us. But it appears that China’s censors aren’t as interested in the violence, nudity, and graphic language Deadpool brings the to theater. Since China doesn’t employ a ratings system to tell viewers which movies are suitable for distinct age groups, all movies cleared for opening in China have to be accessible to all viewers. Anyone who’s seen even one trailer for Deadpool can quickly see how this is a problem. Generally, Chinese censors can remove offending bits and edit the films in order to fit their criteria, but The Hollywood Reporter claims that this simply cannot be done for Deadpool–the removal of the offending material would compromise the plot.

We’re guessing this means that major plot points occur in the thick of Deadpool’s violent methods or involves conversations where his aggressively inappropriate manner of speaking goes unchecked. Probably also has something to do with the hyper-sexualized visual gags that have been so popular on posters, too.


Pretty much, think of all the reasons you’re excited to see Deadpool hit the big screens. More than likely, many of these reasons contribute to its’ denial from China. How this will affect the overall success of the film is yet to be seen. Superhero films generally do well in China, grossing large amounts of money and bolstering the total profit. If the film doesn’t open in China at all, the goal of reaching record numbers or even making enough to offset production costs becomes that much more difficult to realize. However, the folks behind the film have been candid about their attempt to achieve a hard R rating, as well as the intention to use that rating to the fullest of their ability, so unless they failed to consider the overseas implications, they’re probably not terribly surprised–or upset about it. The creators and actors alike consistently mentioned their fight to ensure the ‘R’ rating and urged fans not to give up hope when the film was finally greenlit.


Ryan Reynolds has also been an adamant proponent of the film’s R rating, committed to doing justice to this film and character. We wanted a film focused on Marvel’s Merc-With-A-Mouth done right, and this team has been committed to the cause. Now it’ll be up to the fans to prove that an R-rated superhero (anti-hero, if we want to get technical) flick can be a successful venture.

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