The 3-day Disney-centric convention known as the D23 Expo wrapped up last night after giving fans of Disney Parks and Disney properties alike a wealth of information, and we wanted to share what we learned from the Expo with you! Now, some of these don’t have any visuals due to cell phones and electronic devices… Read More »

Okay, that may not have had the clever ring to it like it did in our head, but the thought rings true! If you are headed down to Anaheim for the D23 Expo, you have to go prepared with your own schedule in mind. Seeing as it is a convention, or Expo if you’re keeping… Read More »

It’s just one week from WonderCon 2015! Have your hotel confirmed? Readying your cosplay? There’s been a steady stream of updates about the convention, and we’re here to keep you in know! Click the jump, let’s do this!

Can you sense it? Smell it in the air? That’s right! Convention season is right around the corner and we’re kicking off our coverage right now, giving you the rundown of all we know about WonderCon 2015 (April 3-5) in Anaheim, California so far!

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