Wondercon has come to mark an exciting time for DC animated movie fans, especially if your superhero team-up of choice is the Teen Titans. 2016’s Wondercon event saw the world premiere of the first time the Teen Titans would appear in the DC animated movie verse in “Justice League vs. Teen Titans” and now 2017 welcomes… Read More »

You’ve tackled the programming for day one of the Long Beach Comic-Con, now it’s time to look over the schedule for Sunday! You can find the full schedules here or you can hit the jump and see some of the awesome highlights (broken down by room and time) we think will make your Sunday in Long… Read More »

You’ve been waiting for it: the Long Beach Comic-Con Programming has been announced! You can find the full schedules here or you can hit the jump and see some of the awesome highlights (broken down by room and time) we think will make your Saturday in Long Beach full of awesome!

I’ve been following the varied works of Boom! Studios since they were running Ducktales and the Farscape sequels. They’ve evolved into a studio that caters to varying audiences with wide appeal and some for a (seemingly) very specific crowd. In the case of The Backstagers, it seems like a foray into the latter of the… Read More »

The vast, bright, dazzling world of comics doesn’t belong to the Boys’ Club anymore. It’s been a constantly changing tide for the past few years, headed by vocal female readers and permeated with some phenomenally talented women writers and illustrators who have finally been given the chance to shine. Female readership has grown considerably, showing… Read More »

May is nearly upon us, and with it the first Saturday of the month. For those unaware, the first Saturday in May has been dubbed “Free Comic Book Day”–and yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. Free Comic Book Day was designed to bring new readers into the comic book market, giving them an easy… Read More »

In a world where the mortal co-exists with the mythic, a single family through the ages stands as the first line of defense against all that go bump in the night. The latest generation has turned the ancestral tradition into a profitable brand. They are the Family Latimer… …and this is the end of their… Read More »

It’s no surprise if you have been following along with our recent reviews of the the comic Goners that we here at Nerds Doing Stuff are absolutely enthralled by the book. We highly recommend picking up the issues next time you’re at your local comic store and check out our reviews of Goners to get yourself in… Read More »

The past is Green. The present is Purple. The future is Blue. The Meld is something else entirely. These words splash over the inside cover page of Dark Horse’s Ei8ht, giving readers this sense of adventure to be held in the pages inside. When you’re dealing with time travel, anything can happen. Yes, even that. Don’t… Read More »

Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look out, here comes the… Spider-Gwen?

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