Wondercon has come to mark an exciting time for DC animated movie fans, especially if your superhero team-up of choice is the Teen Titans. 2016’s Wondercon event saw the world premiere of the first time the Teen Titans would appear in the DC animated movie verse in “Justice League vs. Teen Titans” and now 2017 welcomes… Read More »

“What are your superpowers again? I’m rich.”

Love is in the air, friendships are in bloom, and art hangs upon the walls of The Perky Nerd. We’ve been to a few events held at the Burbank, California-based comic and coffee shop, so we could not pass up the opportunity to attend this newest event, aptly timed for Valentine’s Day! The art show,… Read More »

The highly anticipated Suicide Squad has finally opened in theaters, and a lot of fans are wishing they were still waiting in anticipation. It’s probably better than the disappointment that’s washing over us. Across the board, critics and the common fans alike are finding the same problem. I quickly discovered that my passionate explanation immediately post-film about… Read More »

I’m not the first to admit it, and I certainly won’t be the last: I just don’t care for DC movies. Nothing about the desolate grittiness catches me. Sifting through the wreckage of a city to find seldom shafts of humor and hope does not appeal to me. Superheroes deal with heavy shit. Believe me,… Read More »

Saturday’s panels were filled with exciting announcements, exhilarating trailers, and more stars than you can count. Relive the glory with these full panel recordings!

It’s the Monday after WonderCon Anaheim and we’re thoroughly exhausted from the fun 3 days of conventioneering and more! How are you feeling? Have you had your coffee today yet? Well grab that cup and let’s dive in!

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