NINE NEW DISNEY LEGENDS TO BE HONORED DURING D23 EXPO 2017 IN ANAHEIM ON JULY 14 Oprah Winfrey, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Stan Lee, Julie Taymor, and Other Incredible Talents to be Honored at a Special 30th Anniversary Awards Ceremony Hosted by Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger

Love is in the air, friendships are in bloom, and art hangs upon the walls of The Perky Nerd. We’ve been to a few events held at the Burbank, California-based comic and coffee shop, so we could not pass up the opportunity to attend this newest event, aptly timed for Valentine’s Day! The art show,… Read More »

Let’s face it. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a name hot on the lips of people all over Hollywood and Broadway (we bet you’re singing lyrics to any one of Hamilton‘s songs right now in your head.) Disney knows this, especially with his current work on the music for their upcoming film, Moana, as well as his involvement… Read More »

Grab your controllers, ready your 8-bit love, and get hyped up because the sequel to “Wreck-It Ralph” is official! While the news of the film had been swirling around for ages, mostly led on by John C. Reilly and his letting details slip here and there, the official confirmation came today via a live Facebook… Read More »

Man, that man works nonstop! No, we’re not talking Alexander Hamilton, but the man behind the Broadway version of the Founding Father, Lin-Manuel Miranda. When he’s not off wowing the sold out crowds with “Hamilton,” or working on the music for the upcoming Disney film Moana, Miranda will be stepping into some new shoes: Jack, a… Read More »

When the crypt doors creek and the tombstones quake…you pull out your wallet and phone to sign up for the Ghost Post! Disney and the Ghost Relations Department invite you to go on a journey via your mailbox. According to the newly announced service,  you can “receive three monthly shipments direct from the Haunted Mansion. Your… Read More »

The 3-day Disney-centric convention known as the D23 Expo wrapped up last night after giving fans of Disney Parks and Disney properties alike a wealth of information, and we wanted to share what we learned from the Expo with you! Now, some of these don’t have any visuals due to cell phones and electronic devices… Read More »

Okay, that may not have had the clever ring to it like it did in our head, but the thought rings true! If you are headed down to Anaheim for the D23 Expo, you have to go prepared with your own schedule in mind. Seeing as it is a convention, or Expo if you’re keeping… Read More »

Who’s the leader of the con that’s made for you and me? Well, Mickey Mouse and the folks at Disney’s D23, that’s who! Every two years, Disney and its myriad of titles come together under one roof in Anaheim, California to show off the best of the best, Disney style. Since 2009, the bi-annual D23… Read More »

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