As E3, the popular media and industry only game summit, draws nearer, the trend of video game developers flocking towards the public sphere for opinions, reactions, and hands-on experiences when it comes to new game news continues to grow. One of the biggest industry gaming events of the year, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has priorly… Read More »

The newest iteration of Pokemon came out to play in full force during the Nintendo Treehouse livestreams, showing a live gameplay demo and introducing viewers to a couple of new Pokemon as well as a colorful cast of characters you can expect to encounter in the region of Alola, the sprawling Hawaiian influenced islands that… Read More »

Comic-Con 2015 was the first time in almost a decade that I could not attend. While leading up to the event, I thought about the types of things I would miss, but it got me thinking about how much I would be able to see from the comfort of home. Last years convention for me… Read More »

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Missed out on the showcases at E3 this year from the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and more? Well, don’t fret! We have them all right here for you!

E3, otherwise known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is barreling its way towards Los Angeles, and so is the flurry of news, rumors, and expectations from the biggest names in Electronic entertainment. Let’s dive in to what is out there in the ether than the attendees will get to (hopefully in some cases) see!

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