Late night television’s Conan O’Brien is back in San Diego this year for San Diego Comic Con 2016, and is bringing his show and fun with him back to the Spreckels Theater! Check out the update from earlier this week below: This July, Conan’s taking the show BACK to Comic-Con®, taping all-new episodes July 20-23… Read More »

No, you read that right- seconds.

Funko has been steadily acquiring new licenses and planning new products, gaining popularity and overwhelming collectors with so many things to buy. From the classic pop vinyls to articulate Legacy collections, Funko has been consistent in development. Whether you can’t get enough of the Dorbz, pride yourself on your rare Hikari collection, love the thrill… Read More »

At this point, we’re more surprised when a day goes by without a Funko-related announcement–be it pop concept, first actual looks, or a list of new series facing pop-i-fication. The popsplosion continues to reach into the corners of fandom and media, bringing forth creations both highly anticipated and occasionally a little WTF (looking at you, Talladega… Read More »

The expansive uptick in mass production of pop culture is a good thing. The question was posed one day whilst lamenting the fact that I had been spending all of my money on Funko. Mostly of the Pop! variety. Was it a good thing that companies were going crazy producing pop figures for movies, television, gaming, and… Read More »

The exclusives that line the exhibition floor of San Diego Comic-Con are one of the big draws to the collectors who come in droves each year. One such booth that always brings in tons of people and the line capped almost immediately is the Funko booth. If you can make your way to the booth,… Read More »

Another year, another exciting list of Funko pop! figure releases. The 2015 line has already begun to launch, keeping collectors busy. A new wave of Game of Thrones figures, My Little Pony characters, Sixteen Candles classics, Firefly favorites, and many others have already popped up in stores and online. Many other are available for preorder. Toy… Read More »

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