As E3, the popular media and industry only game summit, draws nearer, the trend of video game developers flocking towards the public sphere for opinions, reactions, and hands-on experiences when it comes to new game news continues to grow. One of the biggest industry gaming events of the year, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has priorly… Read More »

Blizzard did not go the route of a long ARG that they did with the previous hero release of Sombra, but instead gave a quick series of updates teasing the release of the hero (and the hero’s builder Efi Oladele) culminating in the release of the origin story of hero 24, Orisa.

Night in the Woods invites players in with adorably stylish anthropomorphic animal characters, engaging yet simple design, an absolutely killer soundtrack, and the promise of something spooky lurking just beyond the treeline. It doesn’t, however, advertise the emotional rollercoaster you are strapping into as soon as you boot up a new game. Night in the Woods… Read More »

This week at Gamescon 2016, Blizzard revealed the details on it’s newest map, Eichenwalde! According to Blizzard, Eichenwalde is: an Assault/Escort hybrid map set in an abandoned village on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany. The site of one of the most famous battles during the Omnic Crisis, it was here that the leader of the… Read More »

Ratchet and Clank is a rarity in its genre: a video game movie done right. This movie makes me feel like I did when booting up the original game in 2002—only this time, the graphics are better. I can say with certainty that this film delivers a nice blend of nostalgia and freshness. It toes the… Read More »

Kotaku reports that the next assassin is to be found in Ancient Egypt, amongst the intrigue of the pyramids. Unlike predecessors, this Assassin’s Creed, title, code-named “Empire”, will not drop a year after the previous game. Instead of the expected 2016 release date, players will have to hold off until 2017 to experience the next chapter. Thank goodness.

Browsing the Steam store, I stumbled over this game title, took a pause, and quickly moved back to look at the details. I couldn’t remember where I had heard chatter about this game, but the name sparked a memory and I immediately remembered that whoever had been talking about it was very excited. It made… Read More »

Elder Scrolls Online, an MMO set in the long established region of Tamriel and launched in April of 2014, has recently announced plans to drop the monthly subscription fee in favor of a free play format referred to as Tamriel Unlimited. Before, players of ESO were required to purchase the game itself, for a price ranging between… Read More »

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