Send a raven and rally the realms! HBO and Game of Thrones announced the official premiere date for the upcoming seventh season of the adaptation of the George R.R. Martin book series. Check out the announcement below!

It’s all a dream. A prophetic vision warning her against pompousness. Jaqen H’ghar wearing Arya’s face testing the waif wearing an old woman’s visage. The waif wearing Arya’s face being attacked by an old woman-face-wearing Arya. The girl that walks by right before Arya is stabbed is the real Arya. A warning vision sent by… Read More »

Game of Thrones has introduced this weird foreign land populated by characters who share the names from the ASOIAF source–but very little else. In fact, these characters might reign supreme as the worst characters the TV show has debuted to date. Originally, viewers suspected that we might be treated to a favorite of many book-readers:… Read More »

HBO Films has tapped Ramin Bahrani (“99 Homes”) to write, direct and executive produce a film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s 1966 literary classic “Fahrenheit 451.”

If the press were a character in A Song of Fire and Ice (otherwise known on TV as HBO’s Game of Thrones,) they would definitely be feeling like the character of Jon Snow.

As the sixth season of Game of Thrones looms just over the horizon, HBO has taken to social media to begin releasing more tidbits from the upcoming season. On twitter, fans watched eagerly as a series of photographs that offer glimpses into the actions (or at least appearances) of our widespread cast began to surface.… Read More »

Season 6 tidbits are up for more discussion as news concerning Isaac Hempstead-Wright’s reemergence into the Game of Thrones scene begins to pour forth. Entertainment Weekly recently released a photo that teases how Bran Stark, who had been missing for the entirety of season 5, will appear in season 6. Bran’s storyline faded into the background at the… Read More »

The big question that television fans want to know (no, we already know what happened to Glenn on The Walking Dead) has been whether or not Jon Snow made it past Season 5. Sleuths across the internet and sets have seen actor Kit Harrington on set…but we really won’t know until April if that is true.… Read More »

I never thought I’d find a character less deserving of a redemption arc than Grant Ward. I was so, so wrong. As ever, this article will spare no details from current episodes of season 5, so it will be chock full of spoilers. Also, this article is commenting on events that are currently exclusive to… Read More »

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