Ever so recently, our heroes were out in droves; be it celebrities from our favorite pieces of fiction or fans decked out to the nines in costumes crafted from countless hours of passion. Given that I could only attend via the internet, the most powerful draw for me was the Firefly reunion panel, featuring the Captain himself, along with… Read More »

Long Beach Comic-Con is all wrapped up and in the books for 2016, and we’re looking back at the events of this past weekend. Come con with us!

You’ve tackled the programming for day one of the Long Beach Comic-Con, now it’s time to look over the schedule for Sunday! You can find the full schedules here or you can hit the jump and see some of the awesome highlights (broken down by room and time) we think will make your Sunday in Long… Read More »

You’ve been waiting for it: the Long Beach Comic-Con Programming has been announced! You can find the full schedules here or you can hit the jump and see some of the awesome highlights (broken down by room and time) we think will make your Saturday in Long Beach full of awesome!

While we plug away at the newly released Long Beach Comic-Con programming schedule to find the panels we think you’ll love, we can’t forget all the amazing things that are going to happen in Long Beach that weekend. Here are some of the highlights come the 17th and 18th of September that you can get… Read More »

Like a leaf on the wind, Firefly continues to soar. Whether its in the hearts of fans new and old, brand new fan-made animation of the intrepid crew, or the continued presence at convention after convention, just the name Firefly can bring in a crowd. While the event needs no help doing that, Long Beach Comic Con is… Read More »

Los Angeles con season is almost in full swing as cosplayers, artists, bloggers, and fans from all corners gear up for the fun, stress, pain, and paint-stained weeks ahead. Long Beach Comic Expo, a fan-favorite of many cosplayers and fans, gives us our dose of convention-going for February. From the same minds behind Long Beach… Read More »

Con season is ramping up, and the upcoming weekends are filled with conventions of all sorts. Those on the con circuit have been busy mapping out their schedules, arranging transportation and lodging, and often making big decisions about which con they will be attending. Whatever you choose to attend, there’s always packing to be done. Convention… Read More »

  This year’s Long Beach Comic Con wrapped up on Sunday, September 14th, closing out a weekend filled with jovial crowds, incredible cosplay, panels to entertain all curiosities, and enough heat to last quite a long time. Seriously, it was hot out.

You’ve purchased your badge. You’ve gone over the guest lists three times, deciding who you may want to meet, take a photo with, and get that precious autograph from. Now, all you need is to know the panels you are going to attend during your weekend at Long Beach Comic Con. Check out your schedule… Read More »

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