I get it now. I get why people have approx. 6 million boards on Pinterest, each one dedicated to a tiny aspect of weddings. One to coordinate the program color with the dress color, another to pair the construction of your sweetheart table’s chairs with the font on your invitations, one meticulously recording all 15 beauty… Read More »

Two pattern pieces, carefully aligned, finally perfect after what feels like ages of careful finagling, ready to be pinned and transferred to the sewing machine. You reach for a pin. Your fingers grasp air. You stretch a little further. Nothing. You tear your eyes away from the miraculously aligned pieces and see it. Sitting across… Read More »

Loot Crate’s newest crate is filled to the brim with “mechanical memorabilia” (yes, I 100% lifted that from the e-mail because it’s so accurately well worded!), giving fans of cyber creations from fandoms all across the grid something to 0110001101101000011001010110010101110010 about. Looters opened the epically large crate to find an assortment of goodies, including a terminator… Read More »

April’s super-charged crate sent us into distant and fantastical realms, evoking beloved franchises like Game of Thrones, D&D, and Harry Potter. There was a lot to love about this tribute to the fantasy genre, and Loot Crate hit a great selection of biggies. For this month’s Loot Crate Hack, I decided that the deck of… Read More »

March’s Loot Crate kind of snuck up on me this month, what with Wondercon fast approaching and the So-Cal Renaissance Faire season getting into gear. I suppose it’s fitting, though, since March’s theme was “Covert” and the crate came loaded with spy goodies to satisfy the undercover agent in all of us. Spy notebooks, mad… Read More »

I was working at a major chain toy store when Hexbugs first started popping up on the shelves, when the Hexbug craze hit and we dedicated a whole aisle to the things. I thought they were the stupidest toys in existence. Alright, maybe not the stupidest. But pretty dumb. My initial deep disapproval faded after… Read More »

Each month’s Loot Crate brings new and exciting nerdy gear to incorporate into my excess of nerd lifestyle. Subscribers know the theme, but don’t get to know what’s inside until the crate arrives on the doorstep (or until, you know, they watch one of those nifty unboxing videos). The element of surprise is partially what… Read More »

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