Upon waking up this morning, ingesting my usual dose of caffeine that can kill a lesser man, and absorbing all the new knowledge the internet has in store for the day…all I can hear is Michael Ironside bellowing “COME ON YOU APES, YOU WANNA LIVE FOREVER!?!?!” That’s right, fellow nerds, 1997’s Starship Troopers is getting… Read More »

The highly anticipated Suicide Squad has finally opened in theaters, and a lot of fans are wishing they were still waiting in anticipation. It’s probably better than the disappointment that’s washing over us. Across the board, critics and the common fans alike are finding the same problem. I quickly discovered that my passionate explanation immediately post-film about… Read More »

We let you dear nerds know about the Rooftop Film Club back in March when they released their first schedule for the summer, and we hope you bought tickets (a lot of those shows are sold out now!) Over the weekend, we spent our Saturday night out under the stars of Hollywood, enjoying the experience… Read More »

Play the game, based on the movie, based on the game! On April 12th, get ready to revisit a facet of your past that’s re-emerging after 14 years, all new and all updated. Sony Computer Entertainment and Insomniac Games are bringing Ratchet and Clank, the classic story of an orphaned Lombax and his robotic BFF,… Read More »

There are many ways to watch a movie. You can see the film in theaters, trek your way to find a drive-in (or one of the inflatable drive-ins nowadays,) watch from the comfort of your home, or go and do something a bit more fun.

As the race to draw viewers to the movie theaters continue, filmmakers reach deep into established crevices to find inspiration and adaptation. Video game based movies have seen an uptick in popularity, and traditionally shoddy adaptations are beginning to give way to beautifully wrought, full-scale productions. 2016 promises several rather high profile releases that all… Read More »

The release of a teaser trailer for a trailer stings a little less when it’s being delivered by Ryan Reynold’s Merc With a Mouth. One day before the officially slated premiere of the redband Deadpool trailer, which will debut during Reynold’s appearance on Conan this Tuesday, August 4th, fans were treated to a teaser for the… Read More »

I’m bad at movies. I love fantasy adventures, superhero flicks, movies based off books (though that can get unpleasant very quickly), and other large-scale blockbusters. I’m far less for the critically acclaimed dramatic pieces that are often bleak, overly serious, and just generally out of my idea of what movie-watching should be about–sitting back, relaxing,… Read More »

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