Gotta write ’em all! The upcoming Pokemon film has reportedly found its writing team. According to Comic Book Resources, Legendary Studios has found the two that they feel would be best to write the film, which will focus on Detective Pikachu (who is, if you do not know, an electric mouse type Pokemon.) Legendary is reportedly… Read More »

 Apparently we’ll never run out of examples of jerks desperate for attention & willing to lie to get it. Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, from longtime Pokemon fans to brand new trainers embarking on their first adventure. Users have banded together to catch them all, flooding parks, campuses, and piers (no seriously,… Read More »

Following a leak, The Pokemon Company confirmed a slew of new Pokemon for the upcoming Sun / Moon release. In the video, we get a taste of each new addition via a battle clip, and a rundown of each new creature. Right now, we don’t have much information on the specifics of the newly introduced… Read More »

The newest iteration of Pokemon came out to play in full force during the Nintendo Treehouse livestreams, showing a live gameplay demo and introducing viewers to a couple of new Pokemon as well as a colorful cast of characters you can expect to encounter in the region of Alola, the sprawling Hawaiian influenced islands that… Read More »

Pokemon released their 2016 Superbowl Ad in celebration of 20 years of Pokemon yesterday, and left viewers feeling invigorated, excited, and possibly wanting to go and play through the games again- start with Red/Blue, we dare you! You can catch the trailer below:

Let’s face it: everyone wanted to be the very best. You wanted to catch them all. Well, now that Pokémon  has over 700 pocket monsters to catch and claim as your own, that may be a little difficult. But what about catching them in the wild? No, not like in the wild of the game. The… Read More »

As it happens, fellow blogger Robby and I have shared an incredible number of our nerdiest moments. As a matter of fact, I’m hard pressed to think of significant nerdy life occurrences that do not involve him. For this Five Fandom Friday, our goal was to write two completely separate lists–and he beat me to… Read More »

Be the very best, catch them all, make sure to stay away from all those damn Rattata! Or is it Rattatas? Rattate?Whatever the plural form of that darn rat is! Anyway, when on my own personal quest to become a Pokemon master, I had to really think about how my team would form, what starter… Read More »

I remember being shocked when I found out that there are people around me with no clue who the original three starter Pokemon are. It was intrinsic, basic knowledge that was just…there…for as long as I could remember. It was silly, but it was true. Everyone knew that Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle were the original… Read More »

The cool night air settles in over the harbor of San Diego, the sidewalks surrounding the San Diego Convention center teeming with activity as attendees of San Diego Comic Con wander the city, enjoying their time at the nerd haven of the summer.  A familiar tune flits by on the wind and you can’t help… Read More »

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