Experience the Realm, an immersive Game of Thrones event, returned to San Diego Comic Con for a second run in 2015, boasting a wholly new set of interactive adventures that let fans enjoy Westeros–up close and personal. Last year’s “Survive the Realm” allowed fans to don an Oculus Rift and travel up the Wall, pose for a picture… Read More »

There’s a definite uptick* in elaborately clad cosplayers assigning a price tag for fans who just want to snap a photo and I’m really not into it. Now, I’m not talking about the full-time, sponsored Cosplayers that have their own booths complete with signed prints and photo-op sessions that yield a professional quality photo. Most… Read More »

And finally, Sunday’s final series of Hall H panels and premieres! Find links to Sunday’s panels at San Diego Comic Con after the jump!

We’re in a world where Virtual Reality and Gaming are becoming one, hand in hand bringing gamers into the next generation of how games unfold before our very eyes. Everyone knows the big name in the market right now, the Oculus Rift, but that does not stop the major gaming companies from jumping on the… Read More »

Looking to catch up on the panels you missed on Friday of this year’s SDCC? We’ve got you covered.

So you weren’t able to huddle with the masses overnight to get into San Diego Comic-Con’s legendary Hall H or Ballroom 20. No worries, we got you covered! Here are all the trailers from throughout the convention on one easy page. Hit the jump, settle in, and enjoy the show!

The exclusives that line the exhibition floor of San Diego Comic-Con are one of the big draws to the collectors who come in droves each year. One such booth that always brings in tons of people and the line capped almost immediately is the Funko booth. If you can make your way to the booth,… Read More »

San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us, and with it more events, panels, and exhibits than we can possibly hope to keep up with. With the annual schedule release frenzy dying down, Con-goers are starting to settle into the panicked calm before the storm–plotting out where they need to be and when. The opportunities… Read More »

You feel that good bit of sore? You know the kind from walking the exhibit hall, sitting in panel rooms, or sleeping out on the sidewalk? Well, Sunday wraps up the epic event that is San Diego Comic Con. Here’s our highlights of the final day of 2015.

Welcome back! You’ve looked over the prime selections of Thursday’s San Diego Comic Con programming schedule and are back for more! Friday’s programming schedule packs an even bigger punch and just goes to show how massive a show this really is. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Let’s dive right in and get to… Read More »

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