We can feel our wallets getting lighter already. CCI released their list of 2017 convention exclusives to the masses today and we’ve already seen excited reactions to the awesome merchandise included. We’ve gone through the list to bring you some of our favorites! 

Do you want to see Star Trek: Beyond during San Diego Comic-Con? How about sweeten the deal with it being the  exclusive red carpet World Premiere, shown in the immersive IMAX® format? Pay attention!

There’s a lot of advice that can be flung about in the weeks leading up to San Diego Comic Con. And rightfully so, with the sheer number of events, people, and experiences available over the long weekend. Comic Con boasts a staggering–and rather overwhelming–presence of life and activity during its run, and attendees are left… Read More »

Late night television’s Conan O’Brien is back in San Diego this year for San Diego Comic Con 2016, and is bringing his show and fun with him back to the Spreckels Theater! Check out the update from earlier this week below: This July, Conan’s taking the show BACK to Comic-Con®, taping all-new episodes July 20-23… Read More »

No, you read that right- seconds.

Hold on to your butts! The Hotel Reservations for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con will open on April 5th, 2016, at 9am Pacific time. You can see the list of hotels included in the sale here, but there is some important information that you need to know as well! Randomized Waiting Room This is a… Read More »

Just when you thought it was impossible to get into the hallowed halls of San Diego Comic-Con, now everyone will have the chance to see what goes on during San Diego Comic-Con Programming and more with Comic-Con HQ!

Con season is ramping up, and the upcoming weekends are filled with conventions of all sorts. Those on the con circuit have been busy mapping out their schedules, arranging transportation and lodging, and often making big decisions about which con they will be attending. Whatever you choose to attend, there’s always packing to be done. Convention… Read More »

We’re two months away from WonderCon taking over Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Convention Center! Can you feel the excitement? We can! Plenty of news has emerged from CCI and WonderCon itself, which means we get to wrap it all up for you here. You ready? Let’s do this!

Experience the Realm, an immersive Game of Thrones event, returned to San Diego Comic Con for a second run in 2015, boasting a wholly new set of interactive adventures that let fans enjoy Westeros–up close and personal. Last year’s “Survive the Realm” allowed fans to don an Oculus Rift and travel up the Wall, pose for a picture… Read More »

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