Ever so recently, our heroes were out in droves; be it celebrities from our favorite pieces of fiction or fans decked out to the nines in costumes crafted from countless hours of passion. Given that I could only attend via the internet, the most powerful draw for me was the Firefly reunion panel, featuring the Captain himself, along with… Read More »

I’ve been trying as of late to write the next chapter of my book but all I seem to do is kill trees with scribbles and rage. But hey, that’s how one learns to write, isn’t it? So, in light of that, I’ll do another article with Nerds Doing Stuff about another fandom that’s so… Read More »

The millions of groans let out by fans everywhere during the third act of 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine have been swiftly and suddenly silenced… unlike the title character of the upcoming redemption that is Deadpool!

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