May is nearly upon us, and with it the first Saturday of the month. For those unaware, the first Saturday in May has been dubbed “Free Comic Book Day”–and yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. Free Comic Book Day was designed to bring new readers into the comic book market, giving them an easy and interactive way to find something they’re interested with, all while promoting the individual comic book shops that work tirelessly to provide comic fans a place they can gather and find whatever they’re looking for. Comic Book stores across North America participate in the festivities, which focus around providing free comic books for readers all over. Dozens of titles are included in the Free Comic Book Day festivities, but giving away these designated free titles isn’t all that comes with FCBD. Comic shops host special events, signings, giveaways, sales, and a general celebration that embodies the love of comic books and comic fans everywhere.

Artist Amanda Conner’s 2015 FCBD t-shirt/poster design

Depending on where you go, you can experience comic culture at its’ finest, complete with food, games, cosplayers, and a sense of community that makes us love reading comics even more. Adults and children alike can find something they’ll love amongst the 50+ comics available for free on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015.


What started as a small-scale way to promote comics and introduce new series to readers has turned into a widespread celebration that draws a large crowd of passionate comic fans and nerds from all genres. As the comic genre grows and diversifies, so do the fans! Nowadays, there’s a comic to fit any interest; adaptations, classic superhero stories, children’s stories, sci-fi mysteries–if you can dream it, it probably exists! (and if it doesn’t, get out there and make it happen!)

FCBD is a great opportunity to get out there and pick up a variety of new comics you might come to love, but it’s also become a great opportunity to show your love for your local comic book shops. The slight price reprieve and ease of Amazon might be nice, but nothing beats visiting your local comic book shop, taking the chance to chat with others whose love for comics mirrors your own, and supporting a local business–especially a business that’s specializing in something you love! Be sure to use the handy store locator provided through the Free Comic Book Day website to find a store near you that’s taking part in the festivities.

11174385_10153237214704269_4320236521829623228_oFor those unfamiliar with the FCBD experience, all I can say is that it’s definitely an experience worth being a part of! Our local shops have food trucks, comic artists on hand for signings and meet’n’greets, amazing deals on comics of all kinds, cosplay groups, contests, and a general air of fun and community.

Personal favorite haunt? Galaxy of Comics in Van Nuys, CA. Not only are their staff incredible on a daily basis, but their FCBD festivities are absolutely phenomenal.

So get out there, find some shops nearby, and plan a day of fun, comics, and community. Choose to spend your time at one comic book shop or plan a route to enjoy as many stops as you can, don your best superhero/comic book character cosplay, and have fun! Just make sure you don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity.

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