The release of a teaser trailer for a trailer stings a little less when it’s being delivered by Ryan Reynold’s Merc With a Mouth.

One day before the officially slated premiere of the redband Deadpool trailer, which will debut during Reynold’s appearance on Conan this Tuesday, August 4th, fans were treated to a teaser for the official trailer. Devoid of an onslaught of action and general ass-kicking, Reynolds narrates the trailer using his official Movie Trailer Man Voice in a teasing introduction to “the man with an E-Harmony date with destiny”.


Oh, yeah. We’re ready.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the big trailer reveal since an unfinished reel was showcased at July’s San Diego Comic Con. The trailer shown during Deadpool’s Hall H jaunt was one of the few that has been kept resolutely unofficial until the studio was ready to reveal a finished, clean (in a very, very narrow sense of the word), high-quality version. Unsurprisingly, shoddy footage of the Hall H presentation has leaked online, but with urging from Reynolds himself and much firsthand knowledge of how disappointed you feel after having to rotate your head 45 degrees to the left and try to make out the blurry picture on the large Hall H screens on your less satisfying computer/phone screens, many fans have resisted sneaking a peek at this unapproved for viewing footage.

Instead, we wait. We wait for face-melting awesome, a slew of creative profanities, and a buttload of chimichangas.

Sounds like the folks over at Conan are looking forward to the pleasure of Deadpool–errr, Ryan Reynold’s company as well. “We’re filling up his dressing room with chimichangas in anticipation,” they write in the blurb on the official website’s schedule. In the meantime, we’ll continue to watch the teaser trailer and hope that we’re sufficiently prepared for the real deal.

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