Game of Thrones covers some heavy shit. Besides dragons and blood magic, we’ve got oodles of political drama, sex, murder, badassery of all sorts, and more chaos than we can possibly ever need. And yet we need it. We crave it. We thrive off of the 50-odd minutes we’re given every Sunday evening. And while the show is rife with intrigue, provoking deep level thoughts and carefully constructed analysis, there’s definitely no shortage of tin foil. Ridiculous theories and far-fetched ideas run rampant, often populated with extremely well thought out reasons that can be terrifyingly convincing.

Every Sunday, fans flock to the popular forums of reddit to discuss the images burned into their retinas courtesy of D&D and share their initial reactions–usually with a bit less analytic thought and a lot more wild flailing. It’s much more fun that way. Reddit is a great place to get overexcited and scream about your favorite theories (ridiculous or otherwise), but it’s also a terrifying pit that will soon take over your life–and try as you might, you’ll probably still miss things. It’s fine though, that’s what I’m here for.

I spend all my time on the Game of Thrones Reddit of Ice and Fire so you don’t have to! Or you do, and just want to relive some of the greats. Either way. Enjoy some of the reactionary highlights from Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4: “Book of the Stranger”.

spoiler alert

“Book of the Stranger” saw an immense amount of badassery from the ladies around the continents of Westeros and Essos, a Stark reunion (FUCKING FINALLY says the girl who cried unabashedly about it), some stuff happening in the increasingly inconsequential region of King’s Landing, and oh yeah, some serious momentum from some of our favorite girls. Sansa took a stand and convinced Jon Snow to fight for the North, Yara found a loyal lobbyist for her position of queen in Theon, Margaery tried to give her withering brother a pep talk, Brienne was basically the “Deal With It” meme, and Daenerys once again reminded us that’s she’s the ultimate queen bee. Also, Brienne+Tormund4eva. They can go on double dates with Sansa and Sandor. It’ll be awesome.

Dany will kick your ass at DnD


The real truth about Jon Snow

jon and red heads

  Admit it: We were all secretly worried this would happen.

ld folks home


robin arryn

Everyone is ready for Bastardbowl.

Or, if you’re within earshot of Ramsay, Snowbowl. AKA the giant battle in the North between the armies of our favorite and least favorite bastards.

We are hurtling towards it and it is officially time to GET HYPE. Like, Cleganebowl levels of hype.



And if you’re not, you’re a goddamn liar. BASTARDBOWL GET HYPE.

Daenerys’ name is getting out of control.

dany the khak

dany lemons

dany set it on fire targaryen

I’ve started using Daenerys ‘If in doubt, set it on fire’ Targaryen whenever I talk about her. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this is very frequently.

It’s ALWAYS a good time for a Monty Python reference.

monty python dany

I’m with the dudes who think Jon’s being a bit of a baby.

jittery jon

emo jon

GDI Jorah.

jorah sad man

There’s never a shortage of tits on Game of Thrones

olly is a tit

As it turns out, sometimes a shortage might be welcome. Especially when 2/3 tits were not enjoyed by viewers.

Also, it is my duty to respond to any mention of Olly with: FUCK OLLY.

Ramsay Bolton with an Xbox controller instead of a knife.

ramsay inventor of xbox one dialogue

Guys. Guys. Stannis is dead. Seriously…let it go.





On both counts.



In summary, Game of Thrones is the fucking greatest and the fans are pretty damn excellent, too. Also, BASTARDBOWL GET HYPE.

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