We mean, to give you some insight on Bastion’s origins. Blizzard’s newest Overwatch related short gives us a glimpse into the voiceless Omnic Bastion’s past. And–spoiler alert–it’s pretty upsetting.

If you haven’t seen the short yet, give it a watch! It’s pretty spectacular on several levels, and gives Overwatch fans a little bit more background information concerning the world of Omnic and human warfare.

Tweets as the short dropped basically consisted of ugly crying and demands to know why Blizzard felt the need to make us feel all the things. Because this short makes you feel ALL the feels. Turns out Bastion encapsulates PTSD in a powerful, highly resonating way.

As Reddit user jimmysaint13 comments, “The thing is that PTSD episodes are often referred to as flashbacks, but that description isn’t quite accurate. You don’t think that you’re literally back in the war.

You think that the war has come to you.”

We may have already suspected that Bastion is secretly a sweet, precious little Omnic angel who wouldn’t normally hurt a fly–or in this case, bird–but the short both confirms that theory and puts a devastating twist on Bastion’s involvement with warfare.

Yeah, we’re kind of sort of retracting the constant cursing of Bastion’s mere existence as we’re being ruthlessly gunned down as we try to reach the payload by shooting our enemies in the face. A little bit.

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