Witches. Wizards. Giveaways. Broomsticks. Spells. Music. Improv! Celebrate your love of all things Harry Potter with a special Harry Potter Night at The Last Bookstore, a beloved–and extremely cool–rarity of a bookstore in downtown LA. The combination of an adventurous Improv act, The Show That Shall Not Be Named, and a building full of Harry Potter nerds makes your choice of Saturday evening plans a no-brainer.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Event

Harry Potter fans come together for a nerdy, book-fueled celebration of the Wizarding World created by one J.K. Rowling. Gather up at 7:30 PM on Saturday, June 25th, for a slew of nerdy Harry Potter themed shenanigans.

The event is free to attend, drinks are available for those 21 and over, a cosplay contest will be held, and sponsor giveaways will happen over the course of the night. There will also be Butterbeer for would-be witches and wizards. Live music by Blackhaven will set the mood and entertain attendees, as well as an improv performance by The Show That Shall Not Be Named troupe.

So go ahead, RSVP and get ready to party like you’re at Hogwarts.

The Emcees

leo and sarahLeo Zombie and Sarah Snitch will be on-hand as the event’s fabulous emcees. This well-known Disney duo dabbles in all things nerd, bringing playfulness and fashion to geek culture. Plus, they’re both super entertaining, so there’s no doubt we’re in for a good night.

The Show

The Show That Shall Not Be Named is a Harry Potter Improv group that has performed at venues throughout Los Angeles, spreading their love for Harry Potter and goofy Improv shows to other fans across the board. Basing their story in the world of Harry Potter, the performers of this troupe use their Harry Potter knowledge and suggestions from the audience in order to put on a unique show.

Sponsors & Giveaways

Giveaways will be going on throughout the night, and if you keep up with The Show That Shall Not Be Named on Facebook, throughout the day as well.

Loot Crate, Jordandene, Bewitched Bazaar, Black Milk Clothing, The Geeky Hostess, The Colorful Geek, and several more fantastic vendors are sponsors of the event. Check out all the announcements and find your favorite creators. There’s a lot to look forward to.


Aw, the nightmare all Los Angelians are ever so familiar with. And the nightmare that has screwed over many a non-native with horrendous parking tickets and–worst case scenario–the horrifying discovery that your mode of transportation has been towed. Neither are pleasant, but both are potential outcomes from not reading the parking signs correctly.

Plenty of metered parking runs up and down the street on which The Last Bookstore is located, but beware the signage. Weekends are generally clear, but a solid read–and re-read, and re-re-read–won’t hurt. If street parking is either unavailable or too frightening to attempt, pay-to-park lots are scattered nearby.

Non-driving options include a trip on the Metro, which will let you off at the Perishing Square stop and get you to The Last Bookstore with a meager two block walk.

You can also catch an Uber or a Lyft–first time riders can grab a $50 credit for their first ride, which is a pretty healthy boon–to avoid all parking escapades and the process of driving itself.

Floo Powder is, unfortunately, not a viable option, but there’s probably some broomstick parking. However you manage to get out to The Last Bookstore, know that you’re heading for a good time.


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