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After much anticipation, Boom! Comics has released the first issue of their new WWE series “Then, Now, Forever”. As a lifelong wrestling fan, it’s nice to see stories told on screen continue on a page. The Superstars of the WWE are comic book characters come to life as it is, so placing them deeper into the world of the illustrated page makes sense. Issue One takes readers back to the shattering of one of the most iconic stables in recent WWE history, The Shield.

WWE: TNF dives further into the personal lives of the Superstars portrayed on television by showing us what happens between shows, wrestling gear and all. The Shield was one of the tightest running stables that the WWE has seen and it that becomes even clearer at a truck top barbecue with all three members. Seth is seeming more distant dispite the recent wins over the Authority and Evolution on WWE Programming, but after a no show in a six-man tag against the Wyatt Family, Dean and Roman see him speed off to an unknown location.

Fans of the WWE knows how the story of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins concluded in 2013, but for comic book fans looking for a good book with a wide variety of charachters, I’ll leave that surprise for the readers.

The comic book versions of these characters are awesome. Heightened versions of the already high octane Superstars syncs up perfectly with what we see TV every week. From the Wyatts following the Shield to enhance their rhetoric of getting into their heads to the New Day using their Fridge Box Time Machine to eliminate negativity from their Power of Positivity Summer Camp, the idea of seeing the “real story” of everyones favorite WWE Superstars is what makes me the most excited for the future of this book.


As added bonuses, all of the 2016 San Diego Comic Con One Shot books are all includedwith The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The New Day, Sasha Banks and Dusty Rhodes and short stories about Tugboat and an extended look at what wrestling means to young women through the lens of Sasha Banks.

The wide range of styles from such a large roster of talent both as source material and book creative bodes will for the future of WWE: Then, Now, Forever. Pick up the preview issue Wednesday November 9th. The main book is being developed by Dennis Hopeless from All New X-Men and will be in stores January 2017.

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