Penned by Touya Mikanagi, Karneval tells the story of Nai and Gareki, strangers thrust together on a mission to solve a mystery that ends up involving them with a crime-fighting organization, Circus. The duo, alongside their new Circus family, set off on an adventure to fight monsters referred to as Varuga. Launched in 2008, the manga has recently reached 100 chapters, been adapted into an anime and later dubbed by Funimation (we here at NDS do not talk about that trainwreck), and made its’ way onto American shelves as a translated manga. Volume 4 of the translation was made available on March 22nd, and is currently available to order on Amazon.

Karneval Cast

Like many other popular manga franchises in Japan, Karneval is soon to be taking off as a stage play, due for open towards the end of May. The first key visual released gives fans a glimpse of the main cast, introducing us to the actors playing Nai, Gareki, Tsukumo, Yogi, and Hirato.

Sena Kuramochi as Nai

Yūta Iiyama as Gareki

Shūto Washio as Yogi

Yuka Okabayashi as Tsukumo

Takuya Kishimoto as Hirato

key karneval

Their Youtube page also has introductions and brief messages from each cast member.

Will this uptick in chatter for Karneval result in a second run for the anime? Personally, I’m hoping so, since the first season only managed to cover the very beginning and left off with much left unexplained. There’s incredible depth to the manga that has barely been scratched by the anime adaptation. But for now, fans can be stoked about this upcoming stage adaptation and the new take it will present. There’s no use de-nai-ing* it–I’m here to watch any and all Karneval they want to throw at me.

* I AM SO SORRY (I wish I was sorry enough to have not even typed that out, but apparently I’m not that sorry)

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