The fine folks over at Disney Games have announced that Tron Run/r will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC coming this February 16. Noted as being a “lightning fast, action-adventure runner,” fans of the Tron world who do not want to wait for the console release can download it from Steam now, as it is already available on Steam Early Access. Want to wait? It will cost you $20 dollars once fully released.

The game contains more than 30 levels and is complete with two gameplay modes: Disc and Cycle. No need to fret about features not available to the Early Access players, as both modes are included to those who purchased it.

A feature that is pretty awesome in our opinion is the game’s “Stream” mode. This mode, per the game, aims to challenge players with remixed levels. Having new content and new ways to experience a level and gameplay is always a plus in our book!

But what Tron-esque world would be complete without some creativity in the player’s hands? The game also gives the players the ability to be able to upgrade and customize their avatars with all the elements to choose from:  light cycles, suits, helmets, and the like!

Tron Run/r will feature music from Giorgio Moroder and Raney Shockne, as well as include remixes from Autechre, Bibio, Darkstar, Joywave, patten, and Plaid.

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