As the sixth season of Game of Thrones looms just over the horizon, HBO has taken to social media to begin releasing more tidbits from the upcoming season. On twitter, fans watched eagerly as a series of photographs that offer glimpses into the actions (or at least appearances) of our widespread cast began to surface. Posted one by one on twitter, fans finally got a brief update on what Starks, Lannisters, Tyrells, Boltons, Greyjoys, and Targaryens might be in for once the newest season gets started.

While there are still a handful of loose ends from the books that book readers are waiting to see on the small screen, most plotlines had completed by the end of season 5. With no hope of a release date in sight for The Winds of Winter, and certainly not one before season 6 kicks off, book readers can no longer enjoy the foresight once cherished by many. Now, we’re all in the dark together.

Unless, of course, you’re one of the people hungrily seeking set spoilers and filming clues, as precariously truth-filled as these may be. They certainly do make for fun speculation. Nonetheless, these lovely stills are the biggest piece of information regarding the upcoming season we’ve yet seen. The three house teasers released last month offered only tiny details, and the recent interview with the actor who plays Bran could only hint at what is yet in store.

On the 14th, a new teaser trailer for Game of Thrones was released, portraying a variety of faces set into the House of Black and White, whispering and sparking a handful of new theories.

While most of what follows the read more is wild speculation, there will be several spoiler-fueled comments, so proceed with caution.


One poignant exclusion from this photoset? Jon Snow, of course. Then again, did any of us really expect them to parade his reappearance that freely?

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