It’s inevitable. When you’re at San Diego Comic Con, you’re going to have to wait in line. We created a list of things that can keep you sane while you wait in line throughout the course of the convention. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready to tackle Hall H, Ballroom 20, the Indigo Ballroom, and more! Let’s get in line!


We’ve become huge fans of Streetpass during conventions, and it’s a super fantastic system in order to bond with fellow attendees and level up your gaming experience in the process. What exactly is Streepass you ask?

StreetPass is a feature present in every Nintendo 3DS system that allows users to exchange data from games & applications that the two own.

With it, players can acquire new features in games that they own (even if the game’s card is not presently in the 3DS card slot) and obtain the Miis of 3DS users that walk past them. If one wishes, they can turn the feature off completely or assign the games that they want it to work with. Several games have made use of this function in unique ways. Other content that can be transmitted include puzzle piece for Puzzle Swap, messages from the user (in addition to their favorite game on the system), and their most played song with Nintendo 3DS Sound.

The LED notifier of the upper right side of the Nintendo 3DS (when closed) alerts players when data has been exchanged with another user whether it be through StreetPass or SpotPass with a blinking green LED color.

Essentially, it’s a digital hello to the people you pass by, one that you can use in game, if you want to! It’s amazing to walk around the convention and gather all these exchanges because you really get the feel of how widespread San Diego Comic Con is. We’ve received passes from folks all around the world, and look forward to receiving more.

For another positive look at the Streetpass, head on over to our friends at Nerdophiles, who have an awesome article up about it! See ya on Streepass!


Okay, so you’d prefer not to Streepass folks, but you still want to game. No sweat. You won’t be the only one to be doing so. You will find an epic proportion of Nintendo 3DS’, Playstation Vita’s, old school Game Boy handhelds, mobile phones with games galore, and maybe some you have never even seen before. Bring yours along and join in the fun!

But what happens when your electronics run out of juice? Well, you should have a portable charger on hand! We typically bring 2-3 portable chargers with us to a convention and only have to re-charge them once. These will get the batteries of your phones, tablets, handheld systems, and quite possibly whatever else you decide to throw at it back up to capacity. Okay, maybe not everything, so check the instructions!


Going the solitary route during SDCC and finding yourself in line alone, or in a big group and you all finally need some quiet time? Books and music are the way to go. What do we recommend? Well, catch up on your Song of Ice and Fire reading, break out those old copies of Jurassic Park, or find something new in the digital bookstores of the world. You could also get your comic on with the likes of Saga, The Wicked + The Divine, finish up your Secret Wars, or find something new on the exhibit floor that you can read and enjoy!

When it comes to music, have your iPod or phone stockedup on the music you want to listen to. Heck, break out that old CD player have a funky dance party, we’re not going to stop you! We actually encourage random in-line dance parties. Other line attendees may not though! 


Keeping your energy up during your waiting in line at SDCC is pivotal. You don’t want to completely crash in energy and end up needing to be back in your hotel room or even needing the assistance of first aid. We suggest drinking plenty of water (try to stay away from energy drinks), eating snacks such as granola bars, popcorn, dried fruits, nuts, jerky and the like. We’ve also found that Fiber One 90 cal. brownie bars are a good way to get a bit of chocolate while not eating your way through an entire chocolate bar in seconds.

We asked our followers on Twitter what their go to snacks for waiting in line were. Here were some of their answers:






When you are doing the whole SDCC camping out in line experience, you do not want to be left without the proper tools of the trade. Think about this: only the folks who are under the white tents between Hall H and the Hilton have a soft ground (grass) and cover (the white tents). Everyone else in line is outside, under the stars, on the hard cement. Do you think that would be comfortable to sleep on? It isn’t. Plus, you’re right by the ocean, which means those late night ocean breezes will be creeping in about 2-3 in the morning, just when you thought you were okay.

So, make sure you bring your travel sized pillows (works wonders on your neck) and your blankets. We suggest at least two: one for the ground and one to cover yourself up. Or, you can do what we usually do and huddle up for warmth. We wouldn’t suggest huddling up with strangers, so keep your friends close and the warmth closer!


This is important. No one wants to smell your body or your breath while they wait in line. The San Diego Comic Con lines will be full of people who use their deodorant and disposable tooth brushes, so why don’t you become a part of that trend as well! Travel size deodorant is easy to store in a purse or backpack. The disposable tooth brush? Small, space saving, and best of all- you can throw it away when finished. We recommend the Colgate Wisp, as we used them a plenty in our line waiting adventures.


There you have it! Do you feel prepared? As the clock ticks down, we’re sure we will find more things that we can add to our list of waiting in line tips, but there are more for you to discover! Find your own little tips and tricks for waiting in line. You do you! That is what it is all about- having fun and making the best experience out of your San Diego Comic Con. Until next time folks!

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