Inuyasha-14The tale of Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and co. fighting the great evil that is Naraku holds the title as my first anime love. Inuyasha was, as I’ve since been informed, my “gateway” anime. 15-year-old me fell hard for the exciting land of feudal Japan and the characters that inhabited it. I stayed up every night to follow the series on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. And when that wasn’t enough, I took to eBay to find myself a complete DVD set so I could actually see every episode. Of course, 15-year-old me wasn’t very wise to the phenomenon of bootlegs, but she was happy enough to spend hours watching her only slightly shady DVDs. When those had been watched (and rewatched), it was time to turn to the manga, a trend that has continued in my anime watching habits to this day, and hungrily devoured chapter after chapter. Besides, I needed the manga to satisfy the hole that had been left by the not-really-an-ending anime ending (which is more common than I think any of us really want). I was lost to the world for days.

I quickly surpassed the licensed copies in print by Viz Media and turned to rely on fan summaries and scans to progress with the story, checking in eagerly week by week as the conclusion of the story drew nearer and nearer. Used to powering through volume after volume, the waiting each week was a terrible experience for an impatient teenager. The manga finally concluded in June of 2008, wrapping up the final arc and putting a final end on the serialization. The last few weeks were pretty rough, especially since I whole-heartedly believed that Inuyasha and Kagome were clearly meant to be forever. Like I said, I fell hard. I loved every second of both anime and manga, and the series forever holds a special place in my heart.

Naturally, I was thrilled when the announcement of Inuyasha: The Final Act broke, giving fans a final season and hopefully the ending we’d all really wanted to see. I even put aside my disdain of Hulu in order to follow the series. It was serious business.











Viz Media presented the official home media release version of the complete Final Act series on sale May 26th, 2014. Now fans can own the entire Final Act on one Blu-ray/DVD set, collecting the final pieces of the story in a lovely 4-disc set.

INUYASHA: THE FINAL ACT delivers the grand finale of Inuyasha and Kagome’s quest to restore the shattered Shikon Jewel. Longtime fans can complete their INUYASHA personal anime complete with the release of THE FINAL ACT on DVD and Blu-ray and witness the epic showdown with the evil demon, Naraku, and discover the long-awaited answer to the ultimate question of Kagome and Inuyasha’s future together!

Most of the original voice cast returns for the final season of Inuyasha, including the original Japanese and English actors for Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Naraku. Of the main cast, only Kagome’s English voice actress changes between the two series. While several other casting changes take place amongst the minor characters, most are skillfully casted to replicate the spirit and intonation of their original counterparts perfectly. The English voice of Sesshomaru, for example, changes from original series to Final Act, but the voice is mimicked so closely that even the other voice actors praised the acting. New voices or not, the characters and plot of Final Act continue the spirit and pace of the original series without missing a beat.

inuyasha title screenMake sure to add this lovely compilation to your collection. Each of the four discs is illustrated with a unique artistically rendered depiction of well known characters. Rumiko Takahashi’s story comes to life with High Definition options for Blu-Ray. The menu is classically simple, providing uncomplicated navigation for watching ease, and allows for language customization and offers the ability to choose which episode and where in it to begin watching as well as, for those like me who prefer binge-watching, a play option that will take us through everything on the disc.

The INUYASHA: THE FINAL ACT Blu-ray Edition collects the entire season on 4 discs with episodes presented in full 1080p High Definition, 16×9 video. English and Japanese DTS-HD Audio options are available along with bonus features including production and storyboard art galleries and the original Japanese broadcast trailers.

The INUYASHA: THE FINAL ACT DVD Edition offers series episodes on 4 discs, presented with 16×9 standard video resolution and English and Japanese 2.0 stereo audio. Bonus features include the original Japanese series trailers.

Both are available for sale on Amazon or through Barnes & Noble.

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