You cannot simply just surprise wedding guests with an invitation one day and hope they all come. What I learned is that “Save the Date” cards make for a wonderous help. Why the cards? Well, they are like the prologue to the wedding invitation. They give you a bit of a hint to keep that date open, to have yourself at the ready! But what do you do for nerds? You definitely cannot go the usual routes, right?

There are plenty of places that can help you out with that! I did some searching and wanted to give a few of my favorites.

The Save the Date’s at Geekvites may be some of my favorites that I have seen. While they do not encompass all fandoms and things that nerds may like, they hit all the big ones.









orange_d20_dice_gamer_save_the_date_postcard-r0c0119a3631649dd8f07f6e3e7e2d82d_vgbaq_8byvr_512Roll a perfect match on your gaming die with this D20 themed save the date from Dynamic Wedding Stationary, and you could be having quite the quest partner ’til death (or an untimely dragon burn) do you part!

Over at Minted, they have quite the fun and whimsical assortment of save the dates that caught our eye, especially this one.





But what happens when you don’t want to go with a pre-made save the date? Have your own idea of what you want for your guests to see before sending out the actual invites? Take it into your own hands!

You want to make a Pokemon themed save the date, with the phrase “I choose you…Savethedatechu!”? Then have at it and be creative! You’re a Game of Thrones fan? Go with a “Wedding is Coming” or “The Night of [insert wedding date here] is fun and full of terrible dancing!”

When it really comes down to it, make the Save the Date just as important as the wedding invitation itself. Make it something that relates to you, something that you will want to cherish as the time barrels forward to your wedding date. I know that we have some big decisions to make, and I think after searching around and finding some ideas, I may be in the right direction of where I would like to go.

Until next time!

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