It’s just one week from WonderCon 2015! Have your hotel confirmed? Readying your cosplay? There’s been a steady stream of updates about the convention, and we’re here to keep you in know! Click the jump, let’s do this!


This is important if you’re coming with those little ones who are still in wheels! For safety reasons,  WonderCon will not be allowing strollers inside the programming rooms in the Anaheim Convention Center. This includes rooms 207, 208, 209, 210, 211 and 213 on the second level, 300AB and 300DE on the third level, and the Arena, adjacent to the Exhibit Hall on the first (ground floor) level.

Stroller parking areas can be found throughout the Anaheim Convention Center. Stroller parking will be free of charge and provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note: WonderCon will not provide security or check-in/check-out for the strollers. Check out the maps provided at  on the WonderCon Info Page for the locations you need to know!


You want to know what else you can do at WonderCon that is not the main programming and exhibit hall? You’re in luck! Besides those WonderCon Anaheim 2015 schedules, the schedules for Anime screenings, the Autograph Area, the Children’s Film Festival, Games, and Portfolio Review have all been posted! Why head to these events?

-Anime and Games run all three days of the convention, and in some cases, into the night on Friday and Saturday at the headquarters hotel, the Anaheim Marriott.Our Anime screening schedule includes over 70 separate screenings.

-The Children’s Film Festival includes films for and by kids from all over the world.

-Games has a plethora of tournaments, plus more game demos than ever before, and, of course, the ever popular open gaming.

-Portfolio Review offers an honest appraisal of your work from companies and seasoned professionals, including Whilce Portacio and Steve Epting. You may not find the job of your dreams, but you’ll get some valuable tips to help you get there

All of these schedules are now available on MySchedule, too! Sign in to your account or create an account to keep track of all your favorite panels, events, tournaments, and screenings, simply by adding them to your own personalized schedule. We highly suggest you get up to speed with MySchedule. It’s fantastic!


We hear you, dear reader! The parking lots at the Anaheim Convention Center tend to fill up quickly each morning, but there are overflow lots at the Disney Toy Story lot & Anaheim GardenWalk. Parking at the Convention Center and the Anaheim GardenWalk lot is $15.00/day; the Disney Toy Story lot is $17.00/day, and all of the lots have NO in/out privileges. Look for additional information on the overhead message signs around the Convention Center for parking availability. Anaheim is a busy place, so keep an eye out for places to park that won’t make you pay too much/make you trek too far!


You’re hungry, eh? Don’t worry. WonderCon has you covered. Besides the food located in the convention center (it’s alright), hotels, and surrounding areas (Downtown Disney down the way), WonderCon does the fabulous thing and bring in delicious gourmet food trucks! The list of trucks this year is making us salivate just at the thought:

The food trucks outside the Convention Center on the Grand Plaza are scheduled to be:








We don’t think we missed anything so far. We’re sure more will come in this home stretch before the convention, and you can bet we’ll be there to help out! You ready to find your parking spot? Which Food Truck has your mouth watering? Let us know in the comments!

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