WonderCon announced yesterday that the already popular Exhibit Hall was going to be bigger than ever before, boasting over 800 total exhibitors, which includes Artists’ Alley and the Small Press Area. We think their list of tips of navigating this popular space were top notch, which means you should know about them too! We’re also giving our own insight with each tip, as common attendees of conventions. Here are some tips to help you navigate this gigantic space.

Aisles are not for sitting.

This is an important one. You may notice some large open areas around the pillars in the Exhibit Hall. These areas have to remain clear by order of the fire marshal. Please don’t sit or block these locations. There are lounge areas (check the Exhibit Hall map in the center of the WonderCon 2016 Program Book or click here to see it online) near the food concession areas.

We get it, finding a nice place to sit in a busy convention day is extremely hard sometimes. There is plenty of space inside the convention center though, just keep an eye out for it! (That cafe area outside the exhibit hall is prime sitting space if you can grab a seat!)

No doublewide strollers or rolling carts in the Exhibit Hall.

We know you want to bring the wee ones with you to WonderCon, but due to safety reasons, we cannot allow doublewide strollers in the Exhibit Hall. We will have stroller parking in two areas at the Los Angeles Convention Center: On Level Two, near the rooms marked with 400 numbers, and also in West Hall A, where you pick up your badge. And for those collectors who want to bring their entire run of comics to get signed, we do not allow rolling carts in the Exhibit Hall, either. Please don’t bring them.

Our philosophy on strollers, as folks who do not have the need for them yet…is get out of the way. When you’ve got a stroller, you don’t want to be constantly starting and stopping, especially if the seats are occupied by your own tiny nerds and nerdettes. Still, make sure you aren’t going against WonderCon’s rules. They are in place for a reason!

Snap that photo fast … and keep the aisles clear so people can move.

If you’re going to stop and have a Kodak moment, make it fast, please. There are hundreds of people around you, all of them trying to go somewhere, so stopping to take a photo and clogging up the aisles is a bad idea. Be aware of the people around you, especially behind you, when you stop to snap that photo and do it fast and step out of the way. There is a WonderCon Photo Area with a logo backdrop near the Registration Area in West Hall A.

As cosplayers as well as attendees, we really can feel the importance of this one. We love to be able to take photos for people or with people, but we find ourselves always finding a way to get out of the way. Always be aware of the space around you!

Pay attention to the aisle signs overhead.

They’re above every aisle, hanging from the rafters. So when you spot that item you want to comparison shop, mark down the aisle marker number and whether it’s in the front, middle, or back of the hall. It makes it so much easier to find again.

When you’re shopping, THIS HELPS SO MUCH.

No retail sales unless exhibit space has been purchased.

No retail sales are allowed anywhere in WonderCon unless you purchased or were allocated exhibit space. This includes the Exhibit Hall, common areas such as lobbies, program rooms, and outside venues, such as the Los Angeles Convention Center grounds, the Microsoft Theater, L.A. LIVE, or the hotels in the WonderCon room block, including the JW Marriott, our headquarters hotel. Retail sales are strictly limited to the exhibitors in the WonderCon Exhibit Hall.

While you may find that cool deal outside the convention center…it may not be something you want to buy, or even can buy. Keep your purchases inside the exhibit hall, where you know you’re getting quality. 

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