Be the very best, catch them all, make sure to stay away from all those damn Rattata! Or is it Rattatas? Rattate?Whatever the plural form of that darn rat is! Anyway, when on my own personal quest to become a Pokemon master, I had to really think about how my team would form, what starter I would keep around, and all in all the team that would mesh together best.

Do I go all the same element? For example, a whole team of Fire-Type would be awesome, but in the end, a strong Water-type and I’d be beat more times than Jessie, James, and Meowth (that’s right!)

It did not take me long to figure out the team that I wanted. I thought about all the teams I had formed throughout my Pokemon playing years and I think I have my team down. When looking at it, it’s a pretty classic team (besides evolutions from newer games) but they are solid and I know they work for me.

Without further ado, My Pokemon Team!


My days with Pikachu harken back to Pokemon Yellow, whepikachure Pikachu followed you around on your journey. I admit I never much used Pikachu in Blue and Red, but I found myself using this electric rodent quite often and grew to keep this Pokemon in my party as I moved from game to game. I think it’s a sense of loyalty going back to my Pokemon Yellow days.


Oh Gyarados, what to say about you. You start from such humble beginnings and turn into a beast of epic proportions.Gyarados You splash your way into our hearts and then you Hyper Beam the competition into a puddle of ash. I always make sure to have a Gyarados on my team. They come in handy when needing to use Surf, as well as looking quite badass.



Look at this suave fellow!
Look at this suave fellow!

I couldn’t go without a Dragon-type in my party and I’m a sucker for punishment, so I chose Dragonite. Why punishment? Well, leveling up a Dratini to 55 is a pain in the ass (if you can make sure to find one first!) With moves like Dragon Rush, Hyper Beam, and Hurricane, my Dragonite roam the land, causing Pokemon and trainers to faint alike.


Typholsion- This one was an easy choice. Who doesn’t want a volcanic badger? I mean, come on! I was never one to keep the moves for my Typhlosion anything but offense, so you could normally find me with Lava Plume, Flamethrower, Inferno, and Eruption. Bring on the flame!


PidgeotWhat can I say, I like the classics? I’ve always gone the Flying route and chosen Pidgey to Pidgetto to Pidgeot. There is no question about it. I think there is something regal about Pidgeot and mine in every game has never let me down when it comes to being my go-to Flying type.


My choice of Eeveelution has always been a difficult one for me. For starters, I always used to choose Flareon. But recently I came to embrace the Psychic abilities of Espeon and found myself always having an Espeon in my team. Espeon lures you in with its feline awesomeness and then smacks you in the face with it’s purple aura of psychic power.

So there you have it! My team, ready and raring to go? You have your team ready? Let’s hear it! Let us know who you would choose for your Pokemon team of 6 today!

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