I remember being shocked when I found out that there are people around me with no clue who the original three starter Pokemon are.
It was intrinsic, basic knowledge that was just…there…for as long as I could remember. It was silly, but it was true. Everyone knew that Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle were the original three starters. Everyone. Or so I thought.

It just goes to show how deeply all things Pokemon have been ingrained in my life.

The honest truth? I’ve purchased my last two DS systems specifically to play Pokemon. Sure, there were a lot of other amazing games I got to play, too, but…yeah, it was for Pokemon. They’re going to keep making them, and I’m going to keep throwing money at them. It’s one of those undeniable truths I live with. My competitive streak during the mid break “Who’s That Pokemon” knew no bounds, the bedroom floor was constantly littered with energy cards, and every game was meticulously completed. As such, my involvement with all things Pokemon has led to some very strong feelings regarding team line-ups and what kind of a person you are if you banish your starter Pokemon to the box. As the games progressed and the features expanded, I spent hours delving into the intricate worlds of hatching, crafting the perfect base stats, and even dabbled in the search for shinies. I didn’t have the patience for much of it, and ruthlessly breeding until I perfected the stats didn’t really appeal to me. Nonetheless, Pokemon has remained an influential part of my life for over 15 years.

That means I’ve had a lot of time to think about, develop, and play my perfect line-up. Several of the Pokemon that I have grown to love dearly were complete surprises to me, actually. Some of my classic favorites–Vulpix, Sylveon, Bulbasaur, Haunter, Luxray, I’m going to stop now–aren’t part of my preferred line-up. I am pretty confident in the ones that are on my team, though!

trainercard-Stacey (1)

These are my perfect Pokemon and this is why.



ampharos pokemon statsAmpharos might actually be my favorite Pokemon–or at least my favorite in battle. My Ampharos rocks a Bug-type move, a pair of Electric attacks, and a Rock attack.
Also, Ampharos is adorable.



vileplume_pokemon_statsThis one may not be entirely fair, since I swap between Vileplume and Venosaur regularly–but in games when acquiring my Bulbasaur takes some time, training an Oddish is a great alternative.



lucario pokemon statsConfession: I kind of hated Lucario before a little Riolu fell into my lap one day. That was basically the end of that. Lucario is also kind of my Strength and Rock Smash double whammy, since I have to keep those bases covered.


20150313_161946 Lapras balances out the water and ice types, takes a lot of damage well, and reminds me of the Lochness Monster. Done.



20150313_162002I often felt like I HAD to choose a flying type to constantly be in my party so I could flit from here to there on a whim. Murkrow, who later became the Honchcrow I battle with today, was one of the first Flying-type Pokemon that didn’t feel like a chore to give up a spot to for the accessibility of Fly.


20150313_162302Kirlia may be the most darling Pokemon I’ve ever seen. She’s way cute. But you have to let your babies grow up eventually. Gardevoir is unfairly elegant, so naturally I burdened her with the nickname Garden Salad.





What’s your personal Pokemon line-up? Take part in our Writer Rumble by discussing your favorites. Read more about guidelines over here!

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