Welcome to Writer Rumble!

Writers, Bloggers, and Nerds of all sorts are invited to enter the ring and become a part of a monthly discussion that pits some of your dearest opinions against everyone else’s. Each month, we will introduce a topic for discussion. These topics will generally look for personal preferences and opinionated answers. Anyone who wishes to participate can simply write about their opinion and contribute to the conversation. We will happily feature guest articles on this site, and there will be a master post that links all articles from other blogs or websites.

Every month will be different, so the guidelines may vary month to month, but the spirit behind it remains the same. Our hope is to create a place for everyone to share their individual opinions and have an open forum to participate in a discussion with other bloggers from around the web. The general topic will provide a blanket space for interaction, uniting a plethora of different opinions and allowing us to talk to each other about our thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

We want to hear from you!

To kick off our writing extravaganza, we’ve chosen Pokemon as the topic! Pokemon lovers unite…and then battle! Which six Pokemon would you traverse the wide world over with? Who would you trust to carry you, victorious, through battles with the Elite Four? For the more dedicated, what moves would you painstakingly teach your Pokemon? Let us know, and stay tuned as we battle it out, pitting our top choices against each other in a Pokemon battle.



What is your ideal Pokemon Team? How did you make your choices? Why?


Game of Thrones: Which House is going to come out on top?


If you worked on the Death Star, what would your role be?

More to be added soon!

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